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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

Its been often said that week 3 of the NFL preseason is the dress rehearsal for the season. As I mentioned in my NFC West injury report, Rams head coach Sean McVay has turned that theory on its head but sitting his starters, and a few other teams are following suit. This gives some unknowns extra time to shine, and increase their chances of making the team.

In the AFC West, we all know the major superstars that are starters, but who are the new guys? Who is making a strong case for themselves?

Oakland Raiders

Week 3 was a mess before the Raiders ever took the field. They played their game against the Green Bay Packers up in Canada, on an 80-yard field, with all new rules, and left 24 players at home. It was…different. Add to that there were a lot of injuries for both teams, and you have the makings for a forgettable game.

But for quarterback Nathan Peterman, it was his turn to prove why he may be the backup the Raiders want and not Mike Glennon. Peterman was 23 of 37, 210 yards, throwing 2 touchdowns. Peterman made a good enough case that if the Raiders don’t keep 3 QBs, I wouldn’t be surprised if he still ended up on a team somewhere.

Los Angeles Chargers

I love a good undrafted free agent. It proves that an underdog always has a chance to make it in the NFL. The Chargers played the Seattle Seahawks, and to be honest, it wasn’t a standout game for anyone in Charger blue. However, UDFA linebacker Chris Peace had another solid night for the Chargers.

People have been talking about him since rookie camp, but when he didn’t play in week 2 due to a groin injury, a few thought he might be done for. No one told him that, as he was the only Chargers player with a sack, and made a huge stop when the Seahawks were marching down the field. He is one to watch.

Kansas City Chiefs

Yes, QB Patrick Mahomes is good. Damn good, actually, but can someone remind him NOT to dive headfirst in a preseason game?!? But he isn’t the only good player on the team. The Chiefs have some serious playmakers all over that team.

There have been a few question marks surrounding the Chiefs running game, but the 3rd week of the preseason helped answer some. Running back Damien Williams looked great out of the backfield, although he was, for the most part, catching the football not running it. He only had 1 rushing attempt for 2 yards but caught 3 passes for 74 yards. While running the ball isn’t what we should expect from the Chiefs, they could have a nice group of running backs this season.

Denver Broncos

The game against the Los Angeles Rams (the Rams won 10-6) wasn’t an offensive showcase for either team. The Rams, of course, didn’t have any starters on the field, and the Broncos struggled to get anything going on offense.

Defensively, Broncos linebacker Justin Hollins had a good night. The fifth-round draft pick out of Oregon had 5 tackles, including a nice stop on 4th down. He was the only player to play on every defensive snap. Hollins has slowly been making a name for himself in the Broncos community and has a strong chance of making this team.

Of course, we will have to wait for next week to see where the chips fall for these players trying to make a team. All teams will cut down from 90 to 53 next Saturday. That 4th preseason game will be of great importance to the guys on the bubble.

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