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Lisa Johnson
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By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303

How popular is that headline?  Pretty popular if you live in South Florida.

Going into week 5 of the NFL season the Miami Dolphins are sitting at 1-3. Have you seen enough of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick? I mean really. We all know about “Fitzmagic”.  He is fun to watch and has plenty of drive left to keep him trotting out on the field.

Honestly, you couldn’t find a more driven guy then Fitz. He loves to play the game and the players love him. He knows how old he is, and he also knows that the Dolphins have his replacement sitting right behind him. Which hey, we get it. If you have a job and know a younger, more athletic guy is biting at the bit to take it, you’re going to give it all you got.  I am not here to tell you about Ryan Fitzpatrick. We all know his story.

We as fans got robbed not to be able to see rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa during the preseason. I think that would have made this waiting game a bit easier, for me at least. We all got a glimpse here and there following practices and seeing photos, and listening to the local beat writers who got to see him live at practices. The hype is there, no doubt.

Now it’s time to start the debates. When is the right time? I have always said if you take a quarterback in the first round, then that quarterback needs to be starting. I have never backed away from that statement. Now with that being said, I would like to say that I trust coach Flores. I get the if he gave us a better chance at winning then Fitzpatrick then he’d be in there.  But… yes, I said but.

There is this little part of me that wants him to get in there so he can make the mistakes now. QB Peyton Manning led the entire NFL in interceptions his rookie campaign and had more interceptions than he had touchdowns. Then by the next year, he had made most of his rookie mistakes and started winning. So you can’t tell me he gave the Colts their best chances at winning games because, at that time, the Colts knew that weren’t going to win many games. They just knew that their rookie quarterback was learning and processing the NFL one game at a time.

Which brings us to the second part of this debate. Trust me, I have had this argument a dozen times over. Why rush him in? We can take our time. Why? Because we have Fitzpatrick and he can learn under him. Sorry guys. I am pretty sure he has learned all he needs to learn from Fitz.

Dolphins will possibly have a very high first-round draft pick next year thanks to the Houston Texans. I would love to see Tua and get an idea of his strengths during real game-time experience.  It could help the coaches make decisions on players they might take higher in the draft to help build around him.

This is my take and argument on why to start Tua. The offense rests its case.

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