Media Survey Response – September 2017

Katie Sveinson

By Katie Sveinson // @KatieSveinson

Recently, Our Turf Football created a survey to understand how, when, and where NFL fans get/want their news related to their teams or the league.

With so much going on in the NFL both during the season and offseason, we wanted to know how fast you wanted access to breaking news. Not surprisingly, participants noted that they are interested in getting breaking news as soon as it happened.


Out of the 36 respondents, 38.9% said they wanted the latest news instantly, whereas 33.3% said they want it daily. 25% said within the hour and only 2.8% want the news weekly. While we have our favorite team(s) to cheer for, it appears that the majority (29 out of 36) are interested in league-wide news.

We also asked how fans prefer to receive news regarding the NFL. Over half (52.8%) of respondents said they want to read it, while 38.9% preferred to watch it. Very few participants wanted to listen to the news or hear it from others.

We also wanted to know where you go to get NFL breaking news. Not surprisingly, most fans mentioned social media, specifically Twitter as their go-to for current news. The second most common answer (from 9 respondents) said the NFL Network channel or A few other sports media options were mentioned including Bleacher Report, ESPN, and CBS Sports.

Lastly, we were interested in finding out how many people participated in fantasy football. Almost half (47.2%) play fantasy football, with 11.1% having played in the past but not anymore, which leaves just over 40% of respondents who do not play fantasy.

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