“Survey says, …” TWT: Controversy in the NFL

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By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

The NFL and controversy. They kind of go together. When was the last time we had a football season that went smoothly?

Let’s take a look back, to when it was summer and we were all excited for kickoff. Quite interestingly enough, these were the top 10 brewing controversies heading into the 2018 NFL season as per Frank Schwab/Yahoo Sports.

  1. The Helmet Rule
  2. Are the Browns really going to sit Baker Mayfield all season?
  3. Will there be any more Patriots strife?
  4. Jameis Winston‘s uncertain future in Tampa
  5. Le’Veon Bell playing on another franchise tag
  6. The Giants’ conundrum if Eli Manning struggles
  7. Second-guessing the Alex SmithPatrick Mahomes decision
  8. Jalen Ramsey vs. everyone
  9. Vance Joseph’s job security in Denver
  10. Jon Gruden already under pressure

Now, let’s bring it back to the present and think about the first two months of 2019. Sports media has been abuzz with talk of officiating plus news of Kareem Hunt and Colin Kaepernick. Both Kate Arhar (Hunt) and Sonja Greenfield (Kaepernick) penned excellent articles on these topics for OTFB if you want to read more.

Now, it’s your turn. Our Turf Football has a short 5-question, multiple-choice survey for you to share your thoughts regarding these controversial topics. Click the link below to get started.

Controversy in the NFL

Come see the full list of OTFB surveys – maybe you’ve missed one!

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