The Los Angeles Rams are post season players….But are they all?

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
LA Rams Reporter

By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan //@Lucyrk78

Welp. It’s happened. After weeks of scrolling past articles and posts in Rams groups calling for the immediate replacement of quarterback Jared Goff, I have to jump into the pile on. With two players named to the Pro-Bowl and all the weapons Los Angeles needs, fans can no longer deny that Goff isn’t playing as well as he needs to.

The Rams (9-6) have lost two straight games for the first time this season and Sunday’s game was definitely winnable against the Seattle Seahawks. All hope isn’t lost – the Rams can still clinch a playoff spot with either a win against the Arizona Cardinals (8-7) or a Green Bay Packers victory against the Chicago Bears (8-7) in Week 17.

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NFC West Recap – Week 7

Patricia Cabrido NFC West Contributor

By Patricia Cabrido // @Pkc808

Editors Note: With Dayna out on medical leave for a week, our good friend Pattie Cabrido stepped in to cover the NFC West. Give her a follow on Twitter! Thank you, Pattie!

If the season were to end today, the Seahawks, Cardinals, and Rams would be playoff-bound, with all three teams coming out of week 7 with five wins. The 49ers are not far behind, and by the true end of the season, it’s definitely a possibility that the entire NFC West finds its way into playoff spots under the new 7-team model. This is quite the stark change from the days when the Seahawks won the division with a 7-9 record.

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Won and 0! LA Rams open SoFi Stadium with a win over the Dallas Cowboys

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
LA Rams Reporter

By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan //@LucyRK78

Quarterback Jared Goff is overrated. He gets paid too much. The Rams are a poorly managed team. LA will fall in 2020.

These are just a handful of comments that have surrounded the Los Angeles Rams since last season. Is it warranted? The last time LA faced Dallas, they allowed the Cowboys to run all over them. However, in the home opener this past Sunday, the Cowboys faced a much different Rams team.

Will this silence the haters? Winning a home opener in a brand-new stadium with no fans against the heavily favored team?

The key to opening with a win depended on whether or not the Rams would be able to hold running back Ezekiel Elliott. Last season, he ran all over LA, but there’s a new sheriff commanding Dallas – the pass rush happy new head coach, Mike McCarthy. I smile as I write this – if you’ve read my Green Bay Packers articles over the years, I don’t hide the fact that I would’ve liked to see him move on eons ago.

LA’s rookies came to play Sunday. Getting the start at wide receiver, Van Jefferson set up a turning point play with just two minutes left in the first half, allowing kicker Samuel Sloman to make a 31-yard field goal extending the Rams’ lead 13-7. He also was in the top three targets favored by Goff.

The standout rookie, to me, was safety Jordan Fuller. Not only did he record five solo tackles and three assists, but he also made a game-changing play when he stopped Cowboys rookie wide receiver, CeeDee Lamb, just one yard short of the line to gain on 4th and 3 from the Rams’ own 11.

New kicker Sloman fared ok. While he missed the early 29-yard field goal, he ended the game making his other two field goal attempts and went 2 for 2 on his extra-point attempts. I imagine that donking your first shot in your first pro-start would be hard to overcome mentally, so I DO give him credit for the way he came back from that. I still would like a stronger kicker in place, though.

Los Angeles is favored for a Week 2 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.


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The NFC West starts strong in Week 1

Dayna O’Gorman
Senior NFL Reporter
NFC West/AFC West

By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

The 2020 NFL season kicked off with a bang on Thursday night, and the fireworks just kept coming as the season continued on Sunday.

The NFC West had three of their four teams come out with a win, including a surprise win in a divisional game.

While we all agree that some teams will start out slowly due to the lack of preseason games, this was not the case for the NFC West.

Each team looked in regular-season form, with maybe just a few hiccups here and there. It leads one to believe that this will be a division to watch.

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Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers: Week 16 preview

Dayna O’Gorman
Senior NFL Reporter
NFC West / AFC West

By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

I know there has been a lot of talk about a certain NFC West divisional matchup in week 17, but this week’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers has high stakes too.

The Rams are not just fighting for the (very slim) chance of making the playoffs, but also to gain back some respect after their ugly loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The 49ers are looking to rebound from last week’s loss against the Atlanta Falcons and looking to not give up ground to the Seattle Seahawks in the fight for the NFC West.

With both teams needing this win badly, this divisional battle could turn into one of the best games of the week. Or it could be a blowout. To be honest, it’s hard to predict.

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The bright future of the NFC West quarterbacks

Dayna O’Gorman
Senior NFL Reporter
NFC West / AFC West

By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

Lets just put this out there before we even begin. The NFC West is one of, if not THE best division in football. In fact, I can’t think of a single division that is as competitive top to bottom as the NFCW.

Yes, I realize that that the Arizona Cardinals have had a bit of a slump as of late, but if we try to peer into the future just a bit, the West could steal the name “Black and Blue Division” from the NFC North. A lot of this success, past, present and probable future, is due to the quarterbacks. Let’s take a look at the four signal-callers, and why they will be leading their teams for years to come.

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Big changes happening in L.A. with the Rams

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
LA Rams Reporter

By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan // @LucyRK78

So many people fear change, but it’s so different as a football fan. We know how needed change is and we welcome it! Hi, Los Angeles Rams.

The first loss, ok, every team has to lose a game. Two in a row? Concerning. Now we’re at three consecutive losses and change have to be made.

Thankfully, all of a sudden on Tuesday afternoon, the Rams started making moves.

The first move sent cornerback Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens, in exchange for linebacker Kenny Young and a fifth-round pick in next year’s draft. I like it. Peters play seems to go down each season and I like the stats I’m seeing for Young.

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Who Will Win in Week 2: NFC West


Wanda Wiedman,
NFL Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

There was a ton of excitement from these division teams last week including one team ended with a tie to break in the season. But even though the underdogs of this division lost, they proved that they can give the opposing team a run for their money.

Each of the NFC West games this week may not be so concrete as who will win their matchup.

LA Rams vs Saints/Sunday, 4:25pm ET

Why not start Week 2 with an exciting game as it will be a rematch of the controversial game from last season’s playoffs. Remember, it was the bad pass interference call that cost the Saints the game and sent the Rams to the Super Bowl. But now with the new rule change of reviewing pass interference calls, let’s see if the game can stay clean with these two teams.

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Looking at the LA Rams 2019 schedule

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
LA Rams Reporter

By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan // @lucyrk78


The NFL has released the 2019 regular season schedule, and it’s almost time for the Rams to defend their status as NFC Champions.

It’s not the easiest start to the season.

Almost immediately, the Rams have to face their newest big rival as the New Orleans Saints make the trip to LA. 

Then, just the next week there’s a second road game with the Cleveland Browns, who have made some incredible pick-ups during this offseason. The Rams haven’t faced the Browns since 2015, but they won that game mightily, coming off with a 24-6 win.

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Excitement over Rams win tempered by controversy

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
LA Rams Reporter

By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan // @Lucyrk78


LA Rams 26 – New Orleans Saints 23

The Los Angeles Rams are going to the Super Bowl. However, that’s not the biggest news surrounding the team this after their win over the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game Sunday. A missed call late in regulation is.

Yes, there was an obvious third-down pass interference. Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman hit Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis and the Saints didn’t get the chance for a first down that could have run out the clock.

Instead, New Orleans was left with having to kick a field goal, giving the Rams 15 seconds to tie the game. While the field goal gave the Saints the lead, a penalty MIGHT have given them the win. But would it have? We will never know. What would the narrative be today had that potential field goal NOT gone in?

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