Denver’s Trip to Miami Left Them Swimming with the Fishes

Julie Dixon Official Denver Broncos Reporter


By Julie Dixon // @ABroncoNole 

New offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave drew up a game plan that was better than we’d seen in a while. It was aimed to take advantage of every weakness Miami has.

Unfortunately, our quarterback was bad; 1.8 QBR bad. Plus, the receivers didn’t help much. Our offensive line often gave quarterback Trevor Siemian time to throw, but the longer the game went on, the more Miami saw there was no deep threat, so they started rushing/blitzing often. 7 vs 5 isn’t going to end well.

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Third & Short: Week 4 Fantasy Takes

Our Turf Football Senior Editor
Official Chicago Bears Reporter

by Wanda Wiedman & Cleveland Kate // @WandaW63  & @ClvlndK8

While the NFL shook up the world with its #TakeAKnee, we have survived week 3 with quite a few upsets but managed to stay true to our picks.

Last week Kate suggested that sitting the Pittsburgh Steelers defense against the Chicago Bears offense would be ideal and boy, was she right! But if you took heed to our suggestions when we said to start Chris Thompson and sit  Jeremy Maclin.…you’re welcome.

So let’s get started with this week’s fantasy Starts!

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Countdown to Chicago Bears: Preseason 2017

Official Chicago Bears Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

Sitting on my bookshelf are two tickets. To some, it may mean nothing as regards to its value. Yet, the anticipation is killing me only for the sake of sitting in Section 251 in Soldier Field for the first preseason game in 2017.

Yes, the hype is for the first preseason game against the Denver Broncos! But why should I care? Does it matter what happens and who wins?

Well, to the Chicago Bears and their fans it does.

Last season was a nightmare. How could my beloved Bears finish a horrific 3-14? Simple, there was no life on that team. Somewhere along the practices and planning, the players and staff lost their passion. It was as if the entire team and organization forgot how to breathe.  But something is different going into the 2017 season.

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NFL Free Agency Update: Where Will Romo Roam?

By Our Turf Football Staff // @ourturffb

Sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side. That is the sad truth the Chicago Bears may soon realize, after the team chose to release Jay Cutler. The highly criticized quarterback spent eight seasons in Chicago, and though he only led them to a 51-51 regular season record in that time, Cutler leaves as the franchise’s all-time leading passer. He may not be Aaron Rodgers, but it does get a lot worse. (Ask Cleveland.)

My Top Sportsbooks saw the move coming, and also predicted another franchise’s all-time passing leader would be released: Tony Romo. Two days into the NFL free-agency period, the Dallas Cowboys have not yet parted ways with Romo, but it does seem inevitable. Dallas was forced to turn to rookie fourth-round pick Dak Prescott last year after Romo suffered a back injury just three plays into his preseason debut.

Prescott impressed from day one and led the Cowboys to a 13-3 record, while setting a new rookie record for passer rating (104.9). The Cowboys stuck with the rookie in spite of Romo being healthy and ready to play for the final few weeks of the regular season. The Mississippi State product fell victim to some late game heroics from Aaron Rodgers in his first playoff game, but he’s certainly not the first to suffer that fate. Prescott, who was named Offensive Rookie of the Year, played his way into the starting role, and deserves to keep it.

So where does this leave Romo?

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