Are the Dallas Cowboys who we thought they were?

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter NFC North, NFC East

By Sonja Greenfield  //@Mom23RN

It’s early in the season, but the Cowboys started off hot, going 3-0.  However, they’ve seemed to come back to Earth these past two games. To be fair, they have faced some pretty good defenses, and we all know that defense wins championships. But at the same time, if they’re the team that they think they are, they should have had a better performance.

Let’s look at the performance of the Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot.  He’s been pretty average so far this season after signing a huge contract. He’s had over 380 yards rushing, but in the past two games, he’s had only 97 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Again, he was facing some good defenses, though Green Bay’s rush defense got much better this game. Could it be that offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is having a hard time game planning? This is his first season as OC, so it could just be growing pains.

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