Fantasy Football – It’s that time again

Fantasy Football Reporter

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Whether it’s your first year trying something new or you’re a veteran and managing 5 or more teams, this is an exciting time. Football season is around the corner and it’s time to prepare for ‘The Draft’ of your team.

Once again, at Our Turf Football, we are running five leagues. One on and four through Three of the leagues are female only and two are coed. There is one each, female only and coed, of $20 buy-in leagues. As of this writing, all leagues are full except for 2 spots available in the female only buy-in league. The defending champs are back and ready to take the top spot once again.

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Fantasy Football Update Week 7

Fantasy Football Reporter

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Chances are you do not have the same fantasy football team you started out with in the summer. Between injuries, trades and just poor stats your strategy to win a week, and optimally the league, may have become mind boggling.

Week 7 in the NFL showed lower fantasy numbers than previous. But, there is always the chance to get that coveted perfect week. If you did happen to submit that perfect fantasy lineup, you would now be one million dollars richer (courtesy of NFL) and have started the following:

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Fantasy Football Weekly Update

Fantasy Football Reporter

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Welcome to the first edition of 2017 NFL Fantasy Football Weekly Updates. My goal is to keep you abreast of the weekly winners in each of our 6 leagues. Players who have produced top fantasy numbers will also be highlighted. I’ll be sure to share a tip each week or direct you to a professional fantasy football analyst, so stick around.

Highlights from each league

Originals League: This league has been around for many years. The teams are mostly ladies who have been with us, as in house reporters. There are 12 teams. As Sharona just said – My Team Looks Good On Paper.  The live draft was Sunday, September 3 via

Female Free #1: Always a popular one. This is a league of 10 teams. Golden Tate Bridge and Victorious Secrets are two of the names. The live draft was Sunday, August 27 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Female Free #2: We had to make a second league this year! Again, a league of 10 teams. Many new ladies joined this league. Team TriSARAHtops looks like a true contender. The live draft was Wednesday, August 30 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Female BuyIn: This is a $20 buyin league – winner take all. The champ, Page Denny, is back to defend her title. Only 8 teams in this league but it will be a good fight til the end. The live draft was Sunday, August 27 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Coed Free: Men love to get in on the action with us. Ten teams in this league. Fun names are 50 Shades of Browns and I Ansah to No One. The live draft was Monday, August 28 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Coed BuyIn: Another $20 buyin league. These are great for couples. A league of 10 teams with names such as They Siemian Rollin’. Live draft was Tuesday, August 29 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

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