Chicago Bears: Possible Gems in Future-Reserve Den

Official Chicago Bears Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63 

Most teams, scout for players from all over to future contracts in hopes that a secret weapon will emerge from the pile. Last preseason, the Chicago Bears saw a taste of that in rookie wide receiver Tanner Gentry. The chemistry between quarterback Mitch Trubisky and Gentry lit a fire under most Bears fans as the next dynamic duo. But that was soon squelched as Gentry needed more training in blocking and separation skills.

He is maybe among the strong list of receivers the Bears have acquired this offseason that includes, Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, Kevin White, Kendall Wright and hopefully Cameron Meredith. But what impact can the other nine players make on the team? There are a few on the Bears list that could make an immediate impact on the team if they make a splash during the preseason.

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