Third and Short Week 12 Fantasy Takes with Wanda and Kate

By Wanda Wiedman and Kate Arhar

Well, it was a rough Week 11 for fantasy owners. Bye weeks are all done so all players are eligible to play. If you have the follower players on your roster, please be aware of their injury status: Wide receivers Robert Woods, Kelvin Benjamin, running backs Chris Thompson and D’Onta Forman. As always, here are this week’s starts and sits.


QB Kirk Cousins: He should have a favorable day. Jared Goff: Another bad matchup against a surging Saints defense… QB Marcus Mariota: Colts have surrendered 6th most fantasy points to QBs Derek Carr: He has thrown for just one TD in seven games. Broncos will emerge.
Matt Stafford does very well on Thanksgiving. A must start.. Josh McCown: Panthers defense will disrupt every pass attempt. Sit him out. Matt Ryan: The Bucs have given up the 4th most points to QBs Case Keenum: Lions have been brutal to QBs.
RB Latavius Murray: Lions have given up big numbers to RBs. Handcuff Jerick McKinnon if need be. Jordan Howard versus Eagles run defense will be difficult to overtake. RB Carlos Hyde: He has Seattle’s number. Marshawn Lynch: Broncos can at least stop the run as of late.
J.D. McKissic: Seahawks will focus on the run against 49ers. Alex Collins: Ravens need the run but won’t do much versus Texans. Duke Johnson: Bengals defense has surrendered big PPR  points to RBs. Joe Mixon: Browns have allowed 31 yds per attempt.
WR Jamison Crowder: Giants have surrendered the 6th most PPR points to slot receivers. Jordy Nelson: With Hundley under center Nelsons production will remain stuffed. WR Mohammed Sanu: His fantasy points are surpassing Julio Jones. Definite start. Larry Fitzgerald: Jags have been brutal versus WRs, plus they are the #1 defense.
Devin Funchess: Jets defense won’t be able to stop Funchess height advantage. Marvin Jones: Vikings will keep this receiver at bay. Rishard Matthews: He has been getting 17+ pts past several weeks and should versus Colts Sammy Watkins: Even with Robert Woods out, still a bad matchup vs Saints
TE Delanie Walker: Mariota will depend on the big TE versus Colts. O.J Howard: Falcons have shut town TEs pretty well all season. TE Vernon Davis: Old but keeps on making separation. Nice matchup versus Giants Charles Clay: Health is questionable and Chiefs are tough on TEs.
Jared Cook: Broncos have allowed an average of 19.5 PPR points per game. Austin Hooper: Bucs have held TEs pretty well this season. Eric Ebron: Kid finds ways to make plays. Julius Thomas: Patriots defense has found its voice. He will have a soft day.
DEF Eagles vs Bears

Patriots vs Dolphins

Bucs vs Falcons

Lions vs Vikings

DEF Steelers vs Packers

Bengals vs Browns

Saints vs Rams

Rams vs Saints

K Chris Boswell vs GB

Ryan Succop vs IND

Mason Crosby vs PIT

Mike Nugent vs LAC

K Harrison Hutker vs BUF

Justin Tucker vs HOU

Graham Gano vs NYJ

S Hauschka vs KC


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Fantasy Football Update Week 9

Fantasy Football Reporter

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Moving along with my fantasy football theory of playing the projected stats…

Roster drops/adds are limited to injured players out for the season and bye weeks. Tight ends, team defense and defensive players I only keep one so when a bye week happens they are dropped and those players/teams available with the highest points for the season are added.

I have five fantasy teams, one NFL and four Yahoo. Each of those rosters is quite different. This week I had top points in four of those five leagues (see below), thanks to the New York Jets defense, wide receiver Doug Baldwin and running back Todd Gurley II.  If only I could win more weeks. Anyone else have that problem?

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Fantasy Football Update Week 8

Fantasy Football Reporter

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Anybody like theories? I’m taking a unique journey with my fantasy football teams this season – going with the basic stats. My drafting reports mostly were in the higher than average category. Here’s my strategy:

Each week my starters are the players or defense with the highest projected points from my team. If it’s a bye week, I drop the extra position player on my team with the least points for the season. The top player for that position available is added to my team. Same goes for players who are out for the season due to injury. I have 5 teams – 1 NFL, 4 Yahoo.

I’ll be sharing my findings as we progress through the season. Should be interesting.

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Third & Short: Week 9 Fantasy Takes with Wanda and Kate

By Wanda Wiedman //@WandaW63 and Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8


There has been a lot of wheeling and dealing this week! The San Francisco 49ers have a new quarterback in Jimmy Garrapolo, running back Jay Ajayi is now with the Philadelphia Eagles and wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin is now with the Buffalo Bills! For some teams, this bye week is a welcome time of rest and rejuvenation.

Now there are six teams on a bye deserving some much needed rest: Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Fantasy Football Update Week 7

Fantasy Football Reporter

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Chances are you do not have the same fantasy football team you started out with in the summer. Between injuries, trades and just poor stats your strategy to win a week, and optimally the league, may have become mind boggling.

Week 7 in the NFL showed lower fantasy numbers than previous. But, there is always the chance to get that coveted perfect week. If you did happen to submit that perfect fantasy lineup, you would now be one million dollars richer (courtesy of NFL) and have started the following:

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Fantasy Football Update Week 4

Fantasy Football Reporter

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Did you have a rough week in fantasy football? Chin up – it’s a new week.

Highlights from each league

Originals League:

FitzOn (that’s me) squeaked by with help from running backs Todd Gurley (LAR) 34.50 points and Lamar Miller (HOU) 25.10 to win Week 4. Our new leader, I’m Just Teezin, was a very close second with 137.13 points. Her top RB Le’Veon Bell (PIT) lived up to his hype scoring 33.60 points. Major help came from LB C.J. Mosley (BAL) earning a cool 27.00 points.

>> NEW LEADER: I’m Just Teezin (3-1) 

Female Free #1: Coming from behind with a late victory was none other than league leader Gpodawund. She remains undefeated with 133.48 points for Week 4. Bell was her top performer. A new name to the mix is The Klunebergs, securing second spot this week with 132.74 points. Rookie RB Leonard Fournette (JAX) earned her 22.50 points.

>> LEADER: Gpodawund (4-0)

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Third & Short: Week 4 Fantasy Takes

Our Turf Football Senior Editor
Official Chicago Bears Reporter

by Wanda Wiedman & Cleveland Kate // @WandaW63  & @ClvlndK8

While the NFL shook up the world with its #TakeAKnee, we have survived week 3 with quite a few upsets but managed to stay true to our picks.

Last week Kate suggested that sitting the Pittsburgh Steelers defense against the Chicago Bears offense would be ideal and boy, was she right! But if you took heed to our suggestions when we said to start Chris Thompson and sit  Jeremy Maclin.…you’re welcome.

So let’s get started with this week’s fantasy Starts!

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So You Want To Win In Fantasy, Huh?

Fantasy football predictions are not as easy as we think, are they?

By Emily Chae // @emgchae

This year I have three fantasy teams, two where I play with strangers and one with former co-workers. Regardless of PPR or standard league, there are some players being overlooked this season. This week we will review who were the top dogs on my teams and sleeper picks for week 3.

The off-season was a mess of trades, cuts and new recruits.  This can make fantasy picks a bit tricky this year.   Also, knowing who is injured is critical in a fantasy match up.  Team injuries are always updated here.

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Fantasy Football Update Week 1

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Fantasy Football Reporter

Week 1 is in the books.


Highlights from each league

Originals League: KikoWalk had an amazing 161.07 points with a surprising 41 of them coming from the Jacksonville Jaguars defense. Drago Unchained earned second spot with a big game from rookie RB Leonard Fournette, also from the Jaguars. Kareem Hunt‘s amazing 47.6 stats gave Bongs over Brussel Sprouts a comfortable third place finish.

Female Free #1: Tops in our league was Gpodawund with 140.84 points. Again, RB Kareem Hunt from the Kansas City Chiefs helped her win with his 43.1 point day. Golden Tate Bridge was a close second. Her top scorers being the LA Rams defense with 28 points.

Female Free #2: BrownLee produced an unbelievable 170.08 points in Week 1! She has an incredible overall team, complete with Kareem Hunt, who was outstanding. Tough to compete against that.

Female BuyIn: Defending champ, The McGibblets, is tops in the league after Week 1 with 147.42 points. Her ‘Chiefsiest’ performer was Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill with 23.3 points. The irony here is that on her bench, from the same team, is Kareem Hunt!!

Coed BuyIn: Scoring in at 134.98 points, and in first place, is Pink Panthers. Thanks to Kareem Hunt and QB Derek Carr, she remained at the top of the pack in the first week of action.

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Fantasy Football Weekly Update

Fantasy Football Reporter

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

Welcome to the first edition of 2017 NFL Fantasy Football Weekly Updates. My goal is to keep you abreast of the weekly winners in each of our 6 leagues. Players who have produced top fantasy numbers will also be highlighted. I’ll be sure to share a tip each week or direct you to a professional fantasy football analyst, so stick around.

Highlights from each league

Originals League: This league has been around for many years. The teams are mostly ladies who have been with us, as in house reporters. There are 12 teams. As Sharona just said – My Team Looks Good On Paper.  The live draft was Sunday, September 3 via

Female Free #1: Always a popular one. This is a league of 10 teams. Golden Tate Bridge and Victorious Secrets are two of the names. The live draft was Sunday, August 27 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Female Free #2: We had to make a second league this year! Again, a league of 10 teams. Many new ladies joined this league. Team TriSARAHtops looks like a true contender. The live draft was Wednesday, August 30 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Female BuyIn: This is a $20 buyin league – winner take all. The champ, Page Denny, is back to defend her title. Only 8 teams in this league but it will be a good fight til the end. The live draft was Sunday, August 27 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Coed Free: Men love to get in on the action with us. Ten teams in this league. Fun names are 50 Shades of Browns and I Ansah to No One. The live draft was Monday, August 28 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Coed BuyIn: Another $20 buyin league. These are great for couples. A league of 10 teams with names such as They Siemian Rollin’. Live draft was Tuesday, August 29 via Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

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