NFC West: Most important players for each team going forward

Dayna O’Gorman
Senior NFL Reporter
NFC West / AFC West

By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

One of the most common things I see on social media are arguments between fans about who is the most important player on a team. Is it the franchise quarterback? Is it the leader on defense? Is it the coach? It seems only fitting that with today being Russell Wilson‘s birthday, that we should take a look at this question inside the NFC West.

Going into week 13, two teams stand heads and tails above the other two, and above most teams in the NFC. When looking at all four franchises, there seem obvious answers to the question I posed above, but is it really so cut and dry? I’m not so sure.

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Big changes happening in L.A. with the Rams

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
LA Rams Reporter

By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan // @LucyRK78

So many people fear change, but it’s so different as a football fan. We know how needed change is and we welcome it! Hi, Los Angeles Rams.

The first loss, ok, every team has to lose a game. Two in a row? Concerning. Now we’re at three consecutive losses and change have to be made.

Thankfully, all of a sudden on Tuesday afternoon, the Rams started making moves.

The first move sent cornerback Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens, in exchange for linebacker Kenny Young and a fifth-round pick in next year’s draft. I like it. Peters play seems to go down each season and I like the stats I’m seeing for Young.

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