NFC East – Injuries, Ugly Losses and a Stand-out Rookie Receiver

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter NFC North, NFC East

By Sonja Greenfield  // @Mom23RN

Well then.  It’s been a rocky couple of weeks for the NFC East.

This was to be the week that they all got it back together. For the most part, anyway.

The Eagles were in a good matchup against the Vikings, and it was to be a statement game for them. Overall, this division isn’t shaping up the way most thought at the beginning of the season, and that is giving rise to some concern for the teams.

Let’s go around and check in on the teams.

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The New York Giants learn from failure

Marquita Quinones NFL Reporter

By Marquita Quinones // @latinlove729

Jaguars 20 – Giants 15


If learning from failure results in success, let’s hope New York Giants learned a lot this week. To say the offense struggled would be an understatement. On 25 first down plays against the Jaguars, the Giants were only able to average 3.28 yards, which is the fifth-worst average gain on first downs among all the teams.

It didn’t help that the Giants set themselves back on their very first opening drive. With a penalty earned, the Giants had a first and 17 to begin the drive which resulted in them turning it over on downs. Five of the Giants’ seven penalties of the day came on offense and three of those five came on first downs.

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