Packers Draft 2017: their need, picks and my excitement

By Sueli Loiola // @Su_firstavenger

Finally, the season is coming soon, but we’ll have to wait a bit more. This draft 2017 made us dream a little bit more and certainly, we had some impressive surprises from general manager Ted Thompson. Before we start to chat about the picks and our expectations about the NFL Draft at Philadelphia, let’s remember briefly how we left the Green Bay Packers last year.

Packers started the season with a lot of excitement, but once again we had some problems. Players were injured; actually the most important players were out. Some for a short term and others a long one. Also, It wasn’t the best Aaron Rodgers’ season at all. His leadership and ability was questioned.

After a dark period, Aaron came up and shared a message for all Packers fans “Let’s run the table”. Like a miracle, the Packers weren’t the same and Aaron recovered his confidence. At least now the fans were more confident in the team. So, things started to happen and then, they were in the NFC Championship game. The fans were very pleased and confident, Packers could get to Super Bowl. The team finally had a great chance, once again. Unfortunately, the Atlanta Falcons were on their way and the dream was gone.

The season finished for us, but it was just for a moment. The team, coaches, GM and so on needed to stop and think what was good and what went wrong during the season. Also, they urgently needed to make this next season better than the last one. They let go some players such as Eddie Lacy and TJ Lang for example. The Packers should think strategically about what their needs are for this moment. Continue reading “Packers Draft 2017: their need, picks and my excitement”