The underlying truth behind the fall of the AAF

Wanda Wiedman,
OTFB Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

Eight weeks ago, the first game of the Alliance of American Football took the stage. Led by some of the most respected football minds in the history of the NFL, the AAF would be fueled by hungry athletes eager to display their talents in hopes of playing in the NFL once again

The first team to launch was the Orlando Apollos led by Steve Spurrier, and boy did he make it fun to watch! He did not skip a beat in his play calling and building a team on both sides of the ball. By June of 2018, the league had put together eight teams, signing 100 players.

They even went as far as having their own Scouting Combine, allowing players that were cut from the NFL an opportunity to fine tune their skills with a possible return to the big league. Each player signed a three-year, non-guaranteed contract worth $250,000, with performance-based incentives to earn more.

After the NFL Super Bowl ended, the desire to watch football was still in the hearts of fans who just didn’t want the game of football to end. Having a spring league fed that thirst and allowed states with no professional football teams an opportunity to experience a team they could call their own.

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