Taking pain management in the NFL seriously

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

A new day is coming in the NFL.  Probably sooner, rather than later.  Kate wrote about this yesterday

The NFL and the NFLPA are going to start taking pain management seriously.  And part of taking pain management seriously means that the NFL will potentially have to address the marijuana issue.

Many former players have embraced and endorsed using marijuana for pain relief.  It’s been known to be just as effective, if not more so than regular prescription opioids and other medications that the NFL has routinely used.

It also has been known to have fewer side effects than traditional prescription medicines.  In fact, players have been known to use the medication Toradol, which is like a stepped-up version of Motrin.  However, Toradol, when taken in high amounts can cause kidney failure if you’re on it for too long without being monitored.

Former Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has been working to open up dispensaries here in Michigan, along with former teammate guard Rob Sims.  Another former player who is getting into the cannabis world is retired Baltimore Raven, Eugene Monroe.  He has donated about $80,000 to research regarding CBD and brain injuries. He is also a partner in Green Thumb Industries, a grow and dispensary business.

Monroe, Johnson, and Sims are only among some of the former players who have been staunch advocates of using marijuana for medicinal purposes and looking into how it can further help players have a better quality of life after football.  Players like Ricky Williams and Terrell Davis have been active in medicinal marijuana usage and research.

As time goes on, the NFL will most likely have to adapt its rules to allow for medicinal use of marijuana.  Retired New England tight end Martellus Bennett feels that almost 90% of players use some form of marijuana for pain relief.  For something that is so widely used, and in the end, has fewer side effects than most traditional medications and can help players have a better life after football, the NFL owes it to the players to investigate decriminalizing marijuana.

This Joint Pain Management Committee sounds like it could be a great first step in that process.


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