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By Karen Christensen//@ksc47


Throughout the entire 2017 season, there was a feeling that something with the Titans team was missing. Titans fans were sure that 2017 would be the year the Titans, would finally get nationwide respect and get in the Superbowl, but that did not happen.

The team lost games that they should have easily won, and the Titans never seemed to play a complete game where the defense and the offense were both performing at their best.  I couldn’t figure out what the main problem was, but many Titans fans complained that the play calling was too predictable and not favorable to quarterback Marcus Mariota.  

In the end, the coaches got the blame for the lackluster season and were axed. Ownership and the general manager Jon Robinson took action, and now the 2018 Titans will have to adjust to an almost entirely new coaching staff.



Head Coach Mike Vrabel
Offensive Coordinator Matt LaFleur
Quarterbacks Pat O’Hara
Offensive Line Keith Carter
Tight Ends Arthur Smith
Running Backs Tony Dews
Wide Receivers Rob Moore
Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees
Defensive Line Terrell Williams
Inside Linebackers Tyrone McKenzie
Outside Linebackers Shane Bowen
Secondary Kerry Coombs
Special Teams Craig Aukerman


This will be Mike Vrabel’s first head coaching position in the NFL.  At a recent season ticket holder event, the new head coach stated: “I’m going to give you everything I’ve got, and the guys that we’ve hired are going to give you everything that they’ve got and I know you’re going to be proud of the players.”  Vrabel plans to make more adjustments to who the players are, rather than trying to make the players fit into a playing style that does not suit them.

Offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur had interviewed for the head coach position; his last job was with the L.A. Rams, a team that went from first to last in scoring during only one season.  LaFleur states he likes what he sees in Mariota and he plans to work with him on the “fundamentals and footwork”.  The Titans organization had not been happy with Mariota’s progression under the previous coaching staff.  LaFleur may be the key to helping Mariota be all he can be.

Defensive coordinator Dean Pees “retired” from the Baltimore Ravens for two entire weeks. Pees had coached Mike Vrabel when they were both with the New England Patriots. Pees said that he shares the same coaching philosophy. They expect the defense to be on the attack and to be smart “and giving great effort” per Titans Online.

Secondary coach Kerry Coombs was the assistant coordinator of the Ohio State Buckeyes under head coach Urban Meyer.  He also worked coaching special teams and cornerbacks with Ohio State. The man is a ball of energy. If you watch any film of Mr. Coombs you can see that he is very enthusiastic and that he loves the game of football.

Photo Credit: Gary Glenn TitansOnline.com

Mike Vrabel has put together a coaching staff with a varied background but with a common thread, the love of football and a determination to excel and improve. Will all of these coaching changes be what the Titans need to excel and improve and make to the SuperBowl this year?

It is a lot to expect from a first-time head coach and a young offensive coordinator, but I believe that it is possible if the new coaches can win over the Titans’ players.


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