Tennessee Titans New Uniforms To Be Unveiled in April

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By Karen Christensen//@ksc47

The Tennessee Titans announced that the team will have a party on Wednesday, April 4 to reveal the new uniforms.  The country band Florida Georgia Line will be playing a free concert in downtown Nashville at Broadway and First Avenue as part of the celebration.

The band owns a restaurant nearby called the FGL House, and the location is just across the river from Nissan Stadium where the Titans play, a perfect spot for the big reveal.  Florida Georgia Line was originally going to play a few songs for the event but decided to go all out and perform a full concert complete with fireworks.

Let the guessing begin!  What will the new uniforms look like? Will they be a total transformation or will they be only slightly changed?  Will the Titans keep the same color scheme or go in a new direction?

The new uniforms will be the first new design that the Titans will have since 1999.  The helmets will be adorned with a 20th-anniversary sticker throughout the season.  

Taken from @jwyattsports on Twitter

Some fans have looked at this logo as a clue to the redesign of the uniforms.  Here is one fans use of the Greek key on the uniform: 

Notice that the lettering is silver and has a “battle worn” look.  This has led to some speculation that the Titans new helmets will be silver instead of white.  If silver helmets help quarterback Marcus Mariota find his wide receivers, then let’s get some silver helmets.  

Taken from @sportslogosnet on Twitter

The Titans posted on Twitter that on the reveal date that tradition would be evolved. The definition of tradition per Collins Dictionary is:  A custom or belief that has existed for a long time. The definition of evolve is: to gradually change and develop into different forms. The Titans evolved from the Houston Oilers.  They kept the light blue and the bright red in their uniforms. 

Per PaulKuharsky.com, Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk gave the following information about the uniform changes: 

“It’s not minor. It’s not a total color change or anything like that…It’s going to be totally updated. I think the fans are going to be excited. I’m not seeing other teams have anything close to what we will have.”

 I’m guessing that the Titans will remain with the two-tone blue that they have had since 1999, and perhaps more of the red that has been part of the stars and flames on the helmets.

The Titans debuted a new superhero mascot last year based on Kronos, who in Greek Mythology was the king of the Titans. Cronos escorts the 12th Titan of each game into the center of the field to plunge a sword into the Titans’ symbol on the 50-yard line before the start of each game.

Notice Cronos in the background with the late quarterback Steve McNair’s sons acting as the 12th Titan last year.

Another speculation is that the design on Cronos’s uniform will be reflected on the new Titans uniforms. If this is true, then the design with the Greek key down the side of the Titans pants will be a good guess.

New Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, general manager Jon Robinson, and Amy Adams Strunk will be at the free reveal concert.  Several current and former Titans players will also be present.  The team has also promised to provide more “surprises” during the event.  

The Titans organization was quite generous at the Meet The Coach affair last week, giving away a trip to the NFL draft; and I would guess that they will be giving away some new Titans merchandise with the new logo on April 4th.

The NFL mandates that teams use their uniform designs for five years after a redesign. I trust that the Adams family has made a wise decision with the new uniforms. I have seen many positive changes benefitting the team and Titans fans since Mrs. Amy Adams Strunk has taken command of this team.

Like the uniforms or hate them, it is a free concert for Titans fans and a great opportunity to mingle with your fellow fans until football starts again.


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