The 2018 NFL Draft: Cleveland’s Super Bowl

Kate Arhar
Cleveland Browns Reporter

By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8

Merry Draftmas! I don’t know about your town, but here in Cleveland, the NFL Draft Talk starts around Thanksgiving, permeates every college football game played during Bowl Season and continues through tomorrow. We over-analyze ever player, statistic, combine exercise, Wunderlick test score, and physical measurement. (Hand Size Matters!)

Next, we listen to every interview available, soak up any social media comments and proceed to dissect the character and intent of every player. We use these things to promote the guy we like and to destroy the guy we don’t. We compare them all to former players in an attempt to make our case For or Against drafting them. And we all behave as if our opinion means something. HA!

Oh but it doesn’t end with the actual Draft… We’ll follow all this up with two to three weeks of celebrating or complaining about what the Browns did!  It’s “Silly Season” and we all buy into it.

Baseball season opening for the Indians? Nice – but which QB should the Browns take? Cavaliers in the NBA Playoffs? Cool – but is Saquon Barkley really worth the first overall pick? Like it or not, it’s all about football in this town.

I honestly thought every city was like this, every fan base. As an experiment – and maybe to get away from all the Browns talk for a little while – I’ve spent the last three weeks listening to sports talk radio from Phoenix, Atlanta, and Denver. Guess what? THEY are all talking about what the Browns are going to do! I can’t get away from it!

To be fair, it’s probably 25% of their programming vs 90% of the programming here. But still. We all complain about it but we all still participate in the conversations. I’m sure it’s a symptom of the particular form of PTSD we suffer from here – Browns Draft History. It is what it is, we start each year of ever so hopeful, only to do this again in November when the team just isn’t winning games. Sigh.

All of that aside, The NFL Draft is here so just who will the Browns take? My hopes are pinned on QB Sam Darnold first and then DE Bradley Chubb at four. QB Josh Allen first wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve even broadened my horizons to consider RB Saquon Barkley first but that may cause the city to burn itself down.

Our perpetual search for a Franchise QB and a year that promises six will be drafted in the first round makes me believe that the city itself would implode if General Manager John Dorsey doesn’t take one with the first pick.

Regardless of what they do or how much the fans love or hate it, the simple reality is that until the Browns win eight games or more in a season, the draft will be our Super Bowl.


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