The 2019 NFL draft is almost here

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

What can I say about the draft that hasn’t already been said? Not too much. We’ve already had an infinite amount of mock drafts. There’s been tons and tons of speculation about whose stock is rising, and whose is falling. We’ve broken down pretty much every play from every game of the possible top 10 draft picks and then some. We’ve heard the different trade scenarios.

I know who I want my team to take, I know who I don’t want them to take.  I know that their GM has ideas of his own that could throw a wrench into my hopes and dreams, and I’ve

We’re all trying to look into a giant crystal ball to see how it’s going to shake out, but none of us know how it’ll actually will. Which is why this is my least favorite time of the NFL year. I’m sorry. I’ve tried to get around it, but I can’t.

Well, OK. Let me change it up some. I like the draft itself, and I’m glad that we get the draft in prime time. I’m excited for the players as they start a new chapter in their lives, and excited for the teams they go to. I love hearing the story behind the players. I love seeing what they’re wearing, who’s with them at the draft, all that stuff.

But with the advent of Twitter and social media, the time from the combine to the draft has got to be the hardest part of the offseason for me. And I get it, tons of people get paid for doing stuff like this, and I will never begrudge them for making money! But…sometimes it can be a little much for me.

Take for example the following tweets:

The first tweet just sums up the scenarios that make my head spin.  And the first part of the second tweet hits the nail on the head. There is so much uncertainty.  I’ve never liked guessing games, and the time between the combine and the draft is just one big ol’ guessing game.

So, I’m ready for some certainty, and for the Arizona Cardinals to take Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray.

I guess. Maybe.


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