The Black Hole

By Teverly Lazenby // @TeverlyL


It had never been my life endeavor to become a sports writer.  I just kind of fell into it.  Several years ago I was approached by Liz Panucci, the founder of a site called  She asked, ‘Do you want to write about your Raiders?’. The next thing I knew I was the Official Fan Reporter for the Oakland Raiders at NFLFemale.

My love of football began when I was a child.  My father coached football at a local high school.  Since I was a “Daddy’s’ Girl” I was either with him while he was coaching, or with him and his friends watching USC football or The L.A. Rams.

It wasn’t until high school that I really started to pay attention to the (then) L.A. Raiders.  Even though I was in band, choir, peer counseling and other extracurricular activities, I kind of had a “Bad Girl” side.  I loved gangsta rap!  More specifically N.W.A. and Ice Cube.  

Nowadays, it is no secret that Ice Cube is synonymous with The Raiders.  Since I was always sporting Raiders gear people would often ask me about their record, and players.  It wasn’t long before I switched from watching the L.A. Rams to watching the L.A. Raiders.  My dad jokingly says, “It still hurts.”  

Over the past 25 years I have been through thick and thin with my Raiders. Always staying loyal to my team in losing and winning seasons.  Not to mention the teams several moves.

I have looked at sports writing as a form of therapy.  A way to vent.  At times, I really needed it!  In the process, some of my articles have earned some accolades such as “Writer of the Week” and recognition on social media sites.

I am proud and excited to contribute to the new organization called Our Turf Football, and I look forward to continuing to grow within the sisterhood and our new adventures.  



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