The Colts have confidence in Jacoby Brissett (And maybe you should, too)

Julie Voigt, Indianapolis Colts Reporter

By Julie Voigt // @JulieNoted_PFG

Maybe it might feel like a repeat of the Indianapolis Colts 2017 Luck-less season, but believe it or not, the Colts have all the confidence needed in back up QB Jacoby Brissett.

And although those words are really hard to put together again, perhaps this might be a bit more encouraging… of course, that’s IF Brissett is needed past week one of the new season.

After the news from Colts’ GM Chris Ballard on Tuesday evening of yet another injury to 2018’s NFL Comeback Player of the Year, Andrew Luck will most likely miss the preseason due to a possible ankle injury. And of course as said before, flashbacks of the 2017 come to mind.

But in this case, this will not be a repeat of 2017.

Although we would love to have seen Andrew Luck show what he can do in preseason after the incredible season he had in 2018, that is just not possible right at the moment. Instead, we have a dependable backup QB that is an entirely different player than what we have seen in 2017.

Believe it or not, Brissett has become a more comfortable player and a leader as he fills in for our QB1. He has shown the offense that he can be trusted in getting the job done. He is definitely at a better position this season.

“I think any time a guy gets reps, a lot of reps, that’s huge for us as a team. Obviously, yeah, you want Andrew out there, but when a guy’s getting some reps and getting the timing down with the receivers, the snap count, the cadence, and the calls down with the center and the offensive line, that’s invaluable.” States Nick Sirianni, Colts Offensive Coach to Indianapolis Star Kyle Neddenriep.

As much as Jacoby would love to have his own NFL starting job, this experience he is gaining is making his trade value a little higher. That, of course, is if Colts are wanting to part ways him come the end of this season when Brissett becomes a free agent.

As much as we want Andrew calling the shots, Jacoby, for the time being, will be our second hand man.  And again, if this team has confidence in Jacoby Brissett, then maybe as fans we should too.


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