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By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

What Detroit Lions fans have known pretty much since week 15 (some figured this out even earlier), is that former New England defensive coordinator Matt Patricia was going to be the next head coach.  After a failure to make the playoffs this past season, Jim Caldwell‘s time was up.   It was officially announced this past Monday, and there was great rejoicing among One Pride Nation.

After years of mediocre success and playoff losses, the Lions are finally starting to put something together it seems.  Bob Quinn was brought in to take this team to the next level and he feels that Matt Patricia is the one to do it.

He was officially introduced today at a press conference.  He came looking more polished then he normally does on the Patriots sideline.

Head Coach Patricia said some things that in my mind stood out and made me think that this really is a new era in Lions football.  He was focused on the present and not what has happened in the past. He said that it was very important to learn from the past but you also have to move forward. Very important. If this franchise is going to try to be successful they have to let go of what happened before. Learn from it and use those lessons to help move forward in the process.

Patricia also stated that he would be involved in every aspect of coaching.  He stated, “The good thing about being a head coach is anytime I want to call a play, I can call it.”  Another good thing to hear.  Former coach Jim Caldwell, while he was the winningest coach in Lions history, he also was very conservative and almost passive with his play calling.  Having a coach that is vocal and aggressive enough to call plays at any time is going to be a game changer for this team.

There also seemed to be a rapport between Patricia and Quinn. They worked together in New England so they’re very familiar with each other. You could really tell that there was a genuine connection between them and that these guys are here to “Do Their Job”, another good thing to have for a successful team. It was almost as if they’ve been talking about this for a long time.

He also made something very clear. He is Matt Patricia and not Bill Belichick. While he has learned a great deal from Belichick, he stated that he will be doing things his way. He also stated that he can’t worry about the history of other Belichick assistants. He’s here to implement his plan.

It really could be the beginning of a new era in Lions football. Of course, there is plenty of work to be done, but from the sounds of his press conference, he’s ready to work.  He’s ready to solve problems and he’s ready to build this team.


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