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By Sonja Greenfield// @Mom23RN

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days in the NFL.  Plenty of free agent signings have taken place, and the NFC North has gotten some big names.

The Packers got former Saints and Seahawks tight end, Jimmy Graham.  The Bears got former Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson and the Vikings were able to obtain quarterback Kirk Cousins.

The Lions, on the other hand, have been playing it sort of low key.  Outside of cutting TE Eric Ebron (more on that in my next article), the Lions have been quietly building their defense.

They added two linebackers yesterday in Christian Jones from the Bears and Devon Kennard from the Giants and today they acquired versatile cornerback DeShawn Shead from the Seahawks.

While they aren’t the big “splashy” moves like other teams in the division have made, they are overall very sensible.  Passing on players who want big contracts, GM Bob Quinn has been able to sign quality players that will fit in new head coach Matt Patricia’s defensive scheme, without breaking the bank.

Which in the end is sensible, and that’s something that Lions fans haven’t seen.  Sensible management.  Besides with all those offensive players on the rivals teams, the Lions have to have a stocked defense!

I also think that the theme for these early free agent signees is versatility.  Shead had been with the Seahawks for 5 years.  He finally became a starter and started opposite of CB Richard Sherman.  He was a versatile player and played all the positions in the Seahawks secondary.  He started a game at strong safety when SS Kam Chancellor was holding out.  He won’t start at the cornerback position, but he will be a welcome addition to the Lions secondary.

LB Christian Jones is another versatile player as he has played both outside and inside linebacker, which has been a weak spot in the Lions defense this past couple of seasons.  Kennard seems like he is a great player and an even better person off the field.  He’s yet another versatile linebacker that could play a very big role.

In head coach Matt Patricia’s interview at the combine a few weeks ago, he was asked what defensive scheme he’s going to run.  His response was that he was going to run a variety of schemes and not just be a 3-4 team or a 4-3 team.  He stated that you have to be versatile and go with what the offense is giving you and that it would look different from week to week.

It seems like Quinn and Patricia are putting the pieces together to make that a reality.




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