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Lisa Johnson
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By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

Following Sunday’s defeat of the Philadelphia Eagles, one thing became very apparent: Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores remain focus on this year and this year only.

The Dolphins entered the Eagles game with a 2-9 record and are vying for the 2nd overall pick in 2020’s draft with the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants.

A lot of times in the NFL,  what the “experts” predict goes the opposite way, and this Dolphins season is a prime example of that fact.

Most felt that the Dolphins weren’t going to beat the Eagles and they were huge underdogs. The Dolphins proved their resilience once again. Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s first play from scrimmage was picked off by Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby.  That set the Eagles up for their first easy score. At that point, it was looking like it was gonna be a long day for the Dolphins.

One thing this Dolphins team has proven throughout the season is that there is no quit in them. The Dolphins rallied behind Ryan Fitzpatrick and emerging wide receiver DeVante Parker.   He has looked like the star receiver the Dolphins drafted number one in 2015.  Speaking with Dolphins Lead Writer Alain Poupart (@apoupartFins), I asked what’s the difference with DeVante Parker. Poupart responded very simply: he is 100% healthy. Parker is having a Pro Bowl like season.  In Sunday’s game, he had 7 receptions for 159 yards and two touchdowns.

Fitzpatrick had this to say following the game. “Sometimes when it’s one-on-one, one thing that I’ve always done in my career is I’m going to give my playmakers a chance to make plays,” said Fitzpatrick, who completed 27-of-39 passes for 365 yards and three touchdowns. “We have got some really talented guys. DeVante is a really talented player and I want to give him the opportunity to show off his talent.

Down by 13 at one point, the Dolphins put together one the most talked-about plays of the day. The play as I found out is called  “Mountaineer Shot.” While the Dolphins looked like they were going to attempt the field goal, all of a sudden they shifted out of field goal position. Dolphins punter Matt Haack took the direct snap, shifted to his left and literally flicked the ball to place kicker Jason Sanders for the score. First time since 1977 that a place kicker caught a touchdown pass.

The Dolphins would go on to score on their next 6 possessions.  They shocked the Eagles 37-31. Proving once again that this team is playing to win every game they are in.

Following the game, Coach Flores once again reiterated that this team will compete every week.  He was asked the following, “There probably weren’t many people that thought this would happen, didn’t give you much of a chance today. How was your team able to go down and continue to fight back, they score, you come back, and then you scored on six straight possessions – five touchdowns and a field goal. How were you able to keep coming back?”

“It’s a team of fighters. This is – we compete. I think that’s something that we talk about day after day after day. It’s something we’ve talked about since April 1st when the first group of guys got here. We’re going to compete, we’re going to fight, we’re going to give great effort, we’re going to try to be a tough, smart, disciplined football team. That’s what you need if you’re going to come back – really, if you want to play in this league at a good level against good competition like we had out there today, that’s what you need.”


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