The drought is over: Browns WIN!

Kate Arhar
Kate Arhar Cleveland Browns Reporter

By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8 

Browns 21 – 17 Jets 


Never let it be said that I bury the lead! So many things to talk about regarding the Cleveland Browns vs the New York Jets Thursday night game but I figured I’d start with the most important fact of all – BROWNS WIN!

635 days since their last victory. 1,413 days since their last win on a Thursday night. 30 quarterbacks since their return in 1999. Three games into the season and they’ve scored 21 points in all of them. These are just a few of the fun and crazy and sometimes heartbreaking numbers that belong to the Browns.

Hopefully, one of those numbers – 30 QBs – will be held for the next 10+ years. Due to an injury to Tyrod Taylor, fans finally got to see the number one pick from the draft, Baker Mayfield, and they were not disappointed.

It was like watching two completely different teams. The first half saw a sluggish offense, a line that couldn’t hold back anyone and a team that just seemed to be sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand. There was no spark, no life, no hustle. I was painful to watch because that old feeling of helplessness, of impending doom and deja vu, was overwhelming Browns fans.

And then Baker Mayfield got the call. Literally. As soon as he stepped on the field, the energy of everything changed. The stadium went crazy and his teammates  seemed to stand up straighter, block harder, move faster. It was like a giant weight was lifted off of everyone’s shoulders and the kid went to work.


From his first series of throws to wide receiver Jarvis Landry and tight end David Njoku, he commanded the field. He stared down defenders. He played with the swagger you don’t often see in rookies – and he backed it up.  No, he wasn’t perfect, but it was the most energized I’ve seen this team in far too long.

The defense did it’s job pretty well too. While the kicking game took the brunt of the blame for the 0-1-1 start, the offense got sluggish and the defense didn’t stop opponents to close out games. Last night, at the 2:00 warning, the Browns were in the lead 21-17. It was up to the defense to hold that lead. With an interception from linebacker Joe Schobert, they did exactly that…sealed the deal, iced the cake, #ComeGetSome.

That’s really what it comes down to today. Each unit did what they were suppose to do.  The offense scored points. The kicker made all of his kicks. The defense held the opponent when it mattered. Victory Friday is here!

Head coach Hue Jackson, when asked if Mayfield was the new starter, replied: “I’ll have to look at the tape.” While twitter was in an uproar about this, I think he was just trying to stay calm amidst the excitement while taking care not to publically disrespect Tyrod Taylor. Being part father is sort of the coaches job.

So you’ll have to forgive Browns fans if they are caught up in the moment. If they spend the next ten days crowing from the rooftops about our new QB and how “the jersey” can be put away and that our troubles are over forever. We really do know it was just one game but it’s been so long that we just need to enjoy the “high” before reality brings us back to face the inevitable “lows.”

If you are not familiar with @AllaireMatt and his work, I’ll leave you with this: the Browns win set to the music from Titanic. You’re welcome.

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