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By Roxaan Herrera //@roxaaneh

Eagles – 26 Chargers – 24

Well, they’re #1 in the NFC East.  And only as of right now. But I’ll take what I can get—the good with the bad. For example, they have allowed the fewest points in the first three quarters of games so far this season, however, they have allowed the second-MOST in fourth quarters. Meaning, they don’t know how to finish a game and that’s not what wins Super Bowls.

Fortunately, head coach Doug Pederson has been calling more run plays, and according to an article on, the Eagles ran the football 39 times on Sunday, the most in three years. THREE YEARS?! But it is only Week 4 and as long as they take advantage of running back  LaGarrette Blount, the playoffs will definitely be a certainty.

Anyway, I originally wanted to write this entire article about Philadelphia’s stats against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, but because I actually attended the game, I decided to pen something a bit more personal.

Since becoming a  fan in 2003, I have seen the Philadelphia Eagles play three times: in San Francisco against the 49ers, in Glendale, AZ against the Cardinals and this past Sunday, right in my backyard, in Carson, CA. I have never been more proud to be an Eagles fan than I was last weekend. The amount of Eagle fans that showed up was beyond amazing. I personally know a handful of Eagles fans and through the graces of social media. 

I have spoken to a lot more WEST COAST Philly fans, which has opened my eyes to just how many Eagles fans there actually are on this side of the country. But even with that information in mind, all the green jerseys I saw surpassed my expectations. The Eagles themselves have even dubbed it (albeit jokingly) their ninth home game  thanks to

Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz during warm ups

all the love they were shown.


I am so happy that I took part in that. It was fun and the fans I sat next to, which was essentially my entire section, were nothing short of awesome people. I can analyze all the games week in and week out, pointing out their flaws and suggesting hypothetical situations, and I can hear football talk day in and day out about the same time, and sure the Eagles have disappointed me with losing seasons and the ultimate loss just twelve years ago, but none of that has swayed me or will ever sway me from leaving this fan base.

This team has earned my loyalty and I plan to stick with them till my dying day – through the good, the bad and the ugly. And until I am physically unable to, I will watch them play live every and any chance I get.    GO EAGLES!!    



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