The Eagles have a December to remember

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By Roxana Herrera // @rxnlzbth

Eagles 24 – Redskins 0

The Philadelphia Eagles will have a chance to defend their title.

After a shaky first couple of games with backup quarterback Nick Foles, the Eagles have done a complete 180° and turned what was sure to be a losing season into a well deserved wild card spot.  

One of the toughest things to do is repeat as Super Bowl champions, but the Eagles fought and have played their best football all season and won five of their last six games.

Quarterback Carson Wentz didn’t look like his usual athletic self. He played 11 games this year, sitting out the first two due to last year’s ACL injury against the Rams. Wentz missed the last three games because of a back injury and Foles was named the starter.

The Eagles still have a long list of injured players and Foles has taken a number of hard hits in the past couple of games, including Sunday’s game against the Redskins.  Foles left late in the game due to a chest injury leaving third-string quarterback Nate Sudfeld to finish the game and shut out Washington.

The team remained focused all season and persevered in tough games against the Los Angeles Rams and the Houston Texans. Foles and wide receiver Alshon Jeffery’s connection shined these last few games and tight end Zach Ertz broke the record for most receptions by a TE, surpassing Dallas Cowboys’ TE Jason Witten. Running back Darren Sproles, fortunately, stayed healthy and helped the Eagles’ running game when the receiving corps was being shut down!

Philadelphia will face the team that helped them with the final wild-card spot, the Chicago Bears. The Eagles are in a good rhythm and depending on the results of Foles’ tests, will be the most dangerous team to enter the playoffs. But they’ll also have a target on their backs.   

Luckily, this Eagles team knows all too well about the amount of resilience and determination it takes to win these games whereas Bears haven’t been in the playoffs for a while. Head Coach Doug Pederson needs to continue his aggressive play calling because he started off conservatively again this year.

It’s obvious Foles and Pederson have a special relationship and their confidence and trust in each other has only blossomed.

Next week will be a true test of their connection.

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