The Eagles Have Zero Rings…So What?

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By Roxann Herrera

Eagles 37 – Cowboys 9


For some reason, I found this article hard to write. I couldn’t write it after Sunday night’s game against the Cowboys because I was on an emotional high and I refused to think logically.   I skipped on my usual weekly game recap.  I also wanted to write an article about how, based on Eagles’ history, going 9-1 equals a trip to the Super Bowl.  Of course, that’s difficult to prove so I couldn’t write about that either. 

Then, I thought about writing an article describing how proud I am of my team because, you know, I haven’t talked about that enough.  Buutt…I wasn’t able to find the right words to fully express my feelings so I nixed that idea.

But these last few days as I’ve scrolled through my social media during my limited free time, I’ve noticed something.   I’ve seen how many people (and by people, I mostly mean fans. Although, I’ve read a few things from NFL analysts too) still don’t want to give Philadelphia credit for having the best record in the NFL.  It’s as if they will be stripped away of their loyalty for their team! I give credit where credit is due, if there’s a team better than mine, I will always admit to it.

Numbers don’t lie and the Eagles have surpassed everyone’s expectations of them this season, and not because they’ve had an easy schedule but through hard work, focus and drive.

The main argument I always hear is the lack of rings the Eagles have, and I actually understand that argument.  In fact, I’m using it right now in the NBA where the Los Angeles Lakers have failed to progress in these last three or so years.  All I can say to those laughing at my team is “16 championships, baby!”   But that’s another story.

My response, however, to the football fans who shove their championships (I’m looking at you Cowboys fans) down my throat is, well, what has been done since their last Super Bowl win? What has been done these last ten years? While you’re focused on those rings, the Eagles have been building and improving and adjusting year in and year out while yours has stayed the same or getting worse. I’d prefer slow but steady progress over mediocrity any day.

If I want to have a debate with someone about football, I would much rather have it with someone who has actual facts and backup information to defend their main point. If all they have to say is based on emotions, that’s when I know the conversation is over.

I know very well that the Eagles are 0 for 2 in their Super Bowl appearances. I cried over the second one and am still bitter over it. Based on current stats, the Philadelphia Eagles are number one, or top 10, essentially all across the board for a reason.  But please, tell me more about your rings that happened ages ago. Or tell me more about what a great quarterback you have. Or how respected your head coach is. Or how injuries are plaguing your team.

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