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By Roxanne Herrera // @rxnlzbth

Next week is a huge week for football fans, but more so for Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots fans (although I’ll wager that the Pats fans are so used to this feeling by now that they’re probably numb to it by now… I’m kidding. Kind of.).

Starting Monday, the countdown officially begins for Super Bowl Sunday! I don’t count the Pro Bowl because well, it’s the Pro Bowl. It’s kind of a sad reminder for those whose teams aren’t in the Super Bowl and that football season is coming to a close.

There is a lot happening next week to get ready for the big game and I want to help you be a part of it. My focus will be on the Eagles, obviously, and wanted to help give you an inside look as much as possible. Beginning with Monday night’s media day where both teams and coaches speak to the media and answer some pretty tough questions. I will also be reviewing head coach Doug Pederson’s and the other coaches’ press conferences all next week.

I’ll throw in my thoughts on what the Eagles need to do to stop Tom Brady and what will help win the game. As much as I absolutely do not like reminiscing about Super Bowl 39, I’ll be discussing my thoughts on that game and compare it to this year’s, because quite frankly, there are so many similarities it’s like the football gods are doing this on purpose.

Brian Dawkins,

I’ll be covering Saturday night’s NFL Honors, all the while hoping that former Eagles safety Brian Dawkins is announced as 2018’s Hall of Famer and secretly wishing injured quarterback Carson Wentz doesn’t win MVP only because of the curse. Yes, I am superstitious like that. I usually skip it because I’m busy celebrating family birthdays, but this year the theme is Eagles so I’m skipping my birthday, and depending on Sunday’s outcome, my son may be out of luck for his birthday.

This will be a pretty hectic week next week, but I’m excited and looking forward to connecting with more Eagles fans and football fans alike. At work, I’ve been sporting Eagles gear as much as I can get away with (an Eagles tee under a blazer isn’t a bad look, right?) and it has been a great icebreaker for me. I’ve managed to strike up conversations with coworkers and clients about the postseason and though I ignore their surprise every time they realize I actually know what I’m talking about, it’s been fun every time Monday comes around and they admit how wrong they are about my team.

Anyway, look out for those articles and I hope you all follow me on twitter for updates, schedules and live tweets over @rxnlzbth.


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