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By Dayna O’Gorman //@DaynaOG

Ah, preseason. The time of the football year when anything is possible. Rookies have breakout games, veteran players fight for contract extensions, and offensive and defensive plans are solidified.

Oh and the injuries. Those season-killing, soul-crushing injuries.

There has been a lot of talk about preseason and how to rework it. I decided to go to twitter to ask fans what they thought of preseason.

My first question was about the starters. After last night’s Eagles vs Browns game, when quarterback Tyrod Taylor hurt his hand and was put back in the game, the twitter conversation focused around using the starters for a full half in the third preseason game.

Although there were a few people who felt team building and chemistry were more important than the risk of injury, the majority felt that veteran starters should only play a few series in each preseason game.

This was based, for most, on the possiblility of a severe injury during preseason. That those extra reps simply weren’t worth it.

So this has been a major question floating around the league for the last few years. For the NFL as an entity, it would be a means to an end to add two games to the regular season, making it 18 games long. Something they have been working toward for a long time.

For teams however, it would change the entire face of training camp and team evaluations. Would they have enough time to see the new guys in actual game time situations? Is it possible, with just two games, to do proper cuts from 90 to 53? Fans, however, seem to like the idea.

We know the purpose of preseason for teams, but why do fans watch? At least in my poll, the majority of people just missed football. They wanted to see their favorite teams on the field, making plays and hitting opposing teams. However, the choice of seeing how the whole team play as a unit wasn’t far behind.

Then there was this idea.

When I asked @buffstuff3 when they thought would be be the best time to implement this idea, the thought was right after rookie camp and treat it like an audition. I like this idea.

If the league were to go to only 2 preseason games, this may be the way that teams could get that extra evaluation time they would need.

Preseason. Love it or hate it, it has it purpose. And as fans, all we can do is watch and keep our fingers crossed that the injury bug stays far away from our favorite teams.

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