The hype of the 2019 NFL schedule release

Kate Arhar
Senior Sports Editor

By Kate Arhar // @Clvlndk8

I don’t believe any entity in sports knows how to create hype for seemingly innocuous events quite like the NFL.

This week they released the 2019 schedules in prime time. Social media was on fire with love/hate from each fanbase. And some teams spared no expense on video excellence in sharing their schedule with everyone.

Perhaps it’s just because so many teams don’t have a first-round pick in next week’s draft – Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, New Orleans – or maybe fans are just so hungry or anything football related, but the excitement surrounding this year’s reveal was amazing.

There were three team-released videos for the schedule that I thought were awesome. First, and perhaps it’s just because I’m a huge fan of the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” was the Atlanta Falcons. Technical expertise aside, the folks who created this clearly know the show. Too many little bits that only watchers would understand appear throughout. If you missed the House Bolton sigil (Flayed Man) you might want to take another look…

Next up for me was the Buffalo Bills video and their dating ap theme…  Avocado ice cream? Looking for a running back my age? I wear my heart on my sleeve and my concussion on my face?  Well played, Bills video guys.

And finally, a little history lesson for you kids out there. Those fancy video games you play with graphics so real it could be an actual movie? Yeah, well, back in my day we had black and blue graphics, or square kind of lego-shaped people, and don’t get me started on the graininess of the actual screen resolution… OY… the Carolina Panthers sure took me back to my youth!

Which schedule was your favorite? Did I miss something that should have been in the top three? Hit us up on twitter or facebook or just leave a comment here!


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