The Improvement of Eric Ebron

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By Sonja Greenfield @Mom23RN

The Detroit Lions picked a tight end with their first pick in the 2014 draft, Eric Ebron out of North Carolina.  Most were surprised.  At the time, the Lions had just signed tight end Brandon Pettigrew to a 4-year deal.   He proceeded to put a lackluster year together with lots of drops, just like Pettigrew.

In fact, most of his career he has been plagued with drops.  He would go back and forth with Lions fans on Twitter about that issue.  As his career went on, he wouldn’t argue as much, but he did change his tune.  He promised to work on the drops.

There were plenty of trade rumors going on about him around the trade deadline this year.  Most felt that he was done here in Detroit and couldn’t and wouldn’t get it.  But the trade deadline came and went, and he was still a Lion.

Another event happened.  This one was more personal for Ebron.  He became a dad around the end of October.  Then around week 12, something clicked.  Despite a loss to the Minnesota Vikings, he caught all of his passes.  Most Lions fans didn’t really pay too much attention, because of the loss.   He went back out the next week against the Baltimore Ravens.  Again, caught all of his passes.

Around this time, people were starting to notice.  The usually unreliable was starting to become reliable.  In his next game against the Buccaneers, he completed 90% of his passes.  Lions fans are starting to notice how consistent he’s become.  Despite the loss today, he made a couple of pretty good catches, including a touchdown at the beginning of the game.

Since week 12, he’s caught about 80% of his passes.  During that time, wide receivers Golden Tate and Marvin Jones, Jr. have caught about 68% of their passes.   Ebron has become one of quarterback Matthew Stafford’s favorite targets.

And you know what?  I’ve been one of the Lions fans that have talked about his ability to drop balls.   And I’m happy that he’s putting it all together towards the end of the season. Lions fans are noticing.  My only hope is that this isn’t a flash in the pan, and he’s able to show us fans what the Detroit Lions saw in him in the first place.



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