The Kansas City Chiefs are Miami bound!

Kate Arhar
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By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8 

AFC CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL: Chiefs 35 – 24 Titans

Everyone loves an underdog and there was a huge fan base rooting for the Tennessee Titans last weekend in the AFC Championship game.

However, it was the Kansas City Chiefs who were victorious and are now the proud owners of the Lamar Hunt Trophy. Since it was named after their founder, and they haven’t been to the Super Bowl in 50 years, it seems fitting that this years high-flying offense and tough defense brought it “back home.”

It wasn’t an easy victory for the Chiefs but being tested hasn’t been a problem for this team all season long.

1st Quarter: Titans 10 – Chiefs 7

After a kicker Greg Joseph field goal and a running back Derrick Henry touchdown, the Chiefs found themselves down 10-0. I don’t think anyone was particularly panicked at this point as we remembered the Chiefs being down 24-0 to the Houston Texans just a week ago. Still, the touchdown from quarterback Patrick Mahomes to wide receiver Tyreek Hill (@cheetah) was a welcome score at the end of the quarter. You could almost hear the entire fan base breathe a sigh of relief!

2nd Quarter: Titans 17 – Chiefs 21

About halfway through the second quarter, Titans offensive tackle #71 Dennis Kelly reported as eligible. And who really pays attention to that stuff? Clearly not the Chiefs defense as he took the short pass from QB Ryan Tannehill in for the touchdown, extending their lead to 17-7. But Mahomes wasn’t going to let this get out of hand so he went back to Hill for his second touchdown of the game! Finally, with around 00:11 left before half-time, Mahomes himself scrambled into the end zone. I guess he wasn’t going to go into the break trailing on the scoreboard this week!


3rd Quarter: Titans still 17 – Chiefs still 21

Nothing much to see here from a scoring standpoint. The Chiefs had a 10 play drive that looked promising but got stalled when the Titans defense got really tough and they had to punt on 4th and 10. Next the Titans got started on a 6 play drive that tried to feature RB Derrick Henry. I said “tried” because the Chiefs defense stopped him cold. A Tannehill scramble got them six yards but they ended up punting on 4th and 4. The Chiefs took over ran 11 plays before the quarter ended, finishing with a 15 yard catch-and-run to Hill which took them down to the 3 yard line.


4th Quarter: Titans 24 – Chiefs 35

The Chiefs started off the last quarter with an incomplete pass then a 3 yard run for the touchdown to RB Damien Williams. The Titans were really feeling the pressure at this point and a sack by Chiefs defensive end Tanoh Kpassagnon killed the drive. Mahomes is no longer messing around 7 plays and 4:21 taken off the clock and a 60 yard touchdown pass to WR Sammy Watkins seemingly put the Titans hopes out of reach. But the Titans don’t give up. Ever. Tannehill put together his own 8 play touchdown drive by coming up with the huge 22 yard touchdown pass to tight end Anthony Firkser even after getting sacked for a second time by Kpassagnon! Chiefs are up by 11 and trying to take as much time off the clock as they can. They finally have to punt with 4:18 left for the Titans to get two scores. Can they do it? NOPE. Titans turn the ball over on downs with 1:20 left so all the Chiefs have to do it take a couple knees and then get ready to pack for Miami!



Congratulations Titans on a great season. While you didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, considering the changes this year, benching QB Marcus Mariota for Tannehill and even beating the Patriots, you and your fans should be proud of what you did accomplish.

As for the Chiefs, I’m guessing quite a few fans were around for your win in Super Bowl IV (4) and would really love to see you repeat that for Super Bowl LIV (54)! Good luck against the 49ers!

By the way…. I’ll be taking the Chiefs in the big game… 40-32


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