The Los Angeles Rams are post season players….But are they all?

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
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By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan //@Lucyrk78

Welp. It’s happened. After weeks of scrolling past articles and posts in Rams groups calling for the immediate replacement of quarterback Jared Goff, I have to jump into the pile on. With two players named to the Pro-Bowl and all the weapons Los Angeles needs, fans can no longer deny that Goff isn’t playing as well as he needs to.

The Rams (9-6) have lost two straight games for the first time this season and Sunday’s game was definitely winnable against the Seattle Seahawks. All hope isn’t lost – the Rams can still clinch a playoff spot with either a win against the Arizona Cardinals (8-7) or a Green Bay Packers victory against the Chicago Bears (8-7) in Week 17.

Where we once thought LA had a clear path to the playoffs, they now face an uncertain future. Even if Goff was playing better than he is, it’s doubtful he will see the field in the last regular season game after breaking his thumb during Sunday afternoon’s match. QB John Wolford, an undrafted free agent in 2018 from Wake Forest, is the Rams’ backup. Wolford has never appeared in a regular-season NFL game.

Talking to reporters Sunday evening, Goff remarked, “My confidence will never be shaken by anything.” Unfortunately, fans do not share in his confidence. Goff has amassed 39 turnovers since last year, a league record no one wants to claim.

Head coach Sean McVay seems to be finding himself more alone on the Goff bandwagon recently. Blaming himself over his quarterback week after week, McVay has even said that there’s no quarterback he’d rather have on his team, but when it comes to play-calling, we begin to question his true dedication. Even when needed, McVay doesn’t give Goff the chance to make big plays on second or third and long. Instead, we see him throwing short, quick plays, which seems to convey the idea that perhaps the confidence in Goff’s abilities is waning.

Fans will have to wait and see what happens next. A quarterback switch will be costly, as Goff signed a new contract going into effect soon worth $134 million dollars (and no moves can be made until post the 2021 season). For now, let’s look ahead to an off-season.

Here are the scenarios for L.A. in Week 17.

Rams clinch No. 5 seed if:
Rams win AND
Buccaneers lose

Rams clinch No. 6 seed if:
Rams win AND
Buccaneers win

Rams clinch No. 7 seed if:
Rams lose AND
Bears lose

Rams miss playoffs if:
Rams lose AND
Bears win

What do YOU think? Is Goff capable of being who we thought he was, or are we better off burning the $15 million and making a switch? Who would YOU want to lead the Rams? Tweet me at @lucyrk78 and let me know!

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