The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

Yes, there are parties for hosting, marshmallows for roasting, and caroling out in the snow.

But there’s also football for watching and talking and tweeting about.   Nothing says “Home For The Holidays” like when the Cowboys Fan Faction of your family meet up with the Redskins Fan Faction of the family, mixed in with the Steeler fans and the trash talking ensues. (Which is really my family Y’all!)

And there’s also Christmas lists for wishing and hoping.  For our inaugural Christmas, I asked the OurTurf writers what they wanted most for their teams for Christmas.   The answers were great and I hope that these wishes go straight from this post to Santa’s ears.  So, for everyone’s enjoyment, here are what some of the ladies from OurTurf’s Christmas Wishes want for their team!

Kate (@ClvlndK8) Cleveland Browns:  I would like ONE win! Just ONE! Oy!  (She and I may be bitter college football rivals-Go Blue-but I fear I we may be 0-16 Sisters)

Dayna (@DaynaOG) Seattle Seahawks:  A strong run game, a healthy Legion of Boom, and the O-Line to stay the same for more than one game.

Wanda (@WandaW63) Chicago Bears:  A new HC & OC, a strong OL, and a GREAT draft! And to beat the Packers.

Traci (@Traciamc) New England Patriots:  A healthy offensive line that can control the line of scrimmage and protect our QB and couple of edge rushers that can stay healthy.

Neta (@ND622) Kansas City Chiefs:  Consistency in tackling, O-Line performance, the return of our Special Team’s mojo and of course, Eric Berry.

Julie (@ABroncoNole) Denver Broncos:  I want Paxton Lynch to show enough, that Elway should go all in next season.

Karen (@ksc47) Tennesee Titans:  I want a new OC and a head coach that doesn’t sound like a conservative grandpa at all of his press conferences.

Shannon (@ShannonSanchez3) Seattle Seahawks:  I want all my All Pros healthy.

Marquita (@LatinLove729) New York Giants:  I would like to close the season with nothing but wins.

Lucy (@Lucyrk78) Green Bay Packers:  I’d like a healthy [quarterback Aaron] Rodgers to lead us into the playoffs! (Life comes at you fast.  At the time I put this question out there, Aaron Rodgers was coming back from his injury.  So I apologize for the delay.  Obviously, this wish didn’t get to Santa’s ears in time)

Sonja (@Mom23RN) Detroit Lions:  A 100-yard rusher and a healthy offensive line, and for Haloti Ngata to win the Walter Payton Man of The Year Award!  I heard from a pretty reliable source that the Lions are going to have a 100-yard rusher the next two games!

How about you?  What do you want for your team this holiday season?

And on behalf of all the writers and staff here at OurTurf Football, we would like to thank every one of you for your support throughout the year, especially during our transition from NFLFemale.  We wish you a happy holiday season with your family, friends and loved ones.


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