The NFC East round up- preseason week 2


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By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

Whew…what a week it’s been.  Starting with the Cowboys and their drama between owner Jerry Jones and running back Ezekiel Elliot, to the Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. Then we have the Eagles doing fun things with kickers, and last but not least, Washington continues with trade rumors for left tackle Trent Williams. Let’s head around the division to see what else has been going on.

Washington Redskins

As I mentioned just 2 sentences ago, William’s future is up in the air.  He’s apparently holding out for reasons that remain unknown, but could it be that he’s losing faith in Washington’s front office’s ability to care for him and his health in the future. The situation is still sort of unknown.

In other news, it looks like a starting quarterback could be named after their week 3 game. QB Colt McCoy has been recovering from his leg injury, he’s still not back to 100%.  So, does that mean that the job is QB Case Keenum’s or even their 1st round pick QB, Dwayne Haskins?  It’s still up in the air, but I’m thinking they’ll lean more towards Keenum.  If they’re taking their time with Haskins, I’m totally 100% OK with that. Washington will take on the Falcons tonight in Atlanta to kick off week 3.

Philadelphia Eagles

Last week I wrote about the Eagles sensory room. This week, I’m going to mention USWNT Soccer player Carli Lloyd drilling a 55-yard field goal at Eagles practice yesterday. She nailed it!  Outside of that, the Eagles are heading into week 3 after having joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately, tight end Richard Rodgers has injured his foot and will be out for some weeks.  The team will have to make some decisions about his spot on the roster. The Eagles will take on the Ravens tonight in Philadelphia.

Dallas Cowboys

Outside of the ongoing talks regarding Elliott, the team actually signed linebacker Jaylon Smith to a very nice extension.   This was very much deserved.  Smith has been one of the more dominant linebackers and has been very hard working since his devastating knee injury 3 years ago in college.  While his contract wasn’t one that wasn’t talked about too much outside of their Big 3, it still doesn’t hamper (too much) the Cowboys ability to sign Elliott, QB Dak Prescott and wide receiver Amari Cooper.  The Cowboys are coming off of a win against the Rams in Hawaii and will take on the Texans Saturday night in Jerry’s World.

New York Giants

The Giants this week will be taking on the Cincinnati Bengals. Coming off of a week 2 win against the Bears, we will see if the offense can continue to look impressive. The Giants have scored the most in the league so far this preseason and are 2-0.  And yes, while it’s preseason, it still counts for something.  Especially when most felt that the team overall was going to not be great. One thing that’s helped has been the improved offensive line play, which is always huge.  Will they continue their winning ways tonight in Cincinnati?


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