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By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

As you are well aware, it’s Christmas time. One of my favorite times of the year.  Hopefully, your Christmas (or insert whatever holiday you celebrate around this time of year) isn’t too stressful for you, and you’ve got a chance to rest and reflect on what’s past and what’s to come.

Another hallmark of this time of year is the Christmas carols and songs. My all-time favorite Christmas song is Sleigh Ride. (side note:  I didn’t realize that there were actual words to the song until I was like 10. Tweet me, we’ll talk about it!)  It’s also time for me to write my article about the NFC North, and I figured that I’d incorporate Christmas into it.

But not your typical Christmas List for Santa type of article.  NOPE….I’m going to look at what carol reflects what team in the NFC North.  Now, of course, there are only 4 teams and a bazillion carols. So, if you think I could have done better, by all means, let me know.

Starting from the bottom of the division, let’s look at the Detroit Lions.  The thing about this is that most Christmas songs reflect joyfulness and happiness.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case in Detroit.

But if there’s one thing that you can say about Detroit fans is that they’re loyal.  And no matter what the season brings or brought, they’re very much so a faithful bunch.  So, more so in honor of Lions fans, I select O Come All Ye Faithful.


Next, up, the Chicago Bears.  Man, they’ve sort of gone through it this season.  And while there were some good moments, obviously, there’s a lot that wasn’t.  Mainly because the Bears thought they had a good thing going with this team, because last year, they did.  But this season left the Bears faithful asking what’s going on with this team.

Because of that, I’m giving the Bears, “What Child* Is This?”  (*substitute Team for Child).  Oh, and I specifically chose this version by Vanessa Williams because it sounds l like one song, but you get another!


Minnesota Vikings. Their season has been pretty good, mostly based off of running back Dalvin Cook’s play, their defense, and the consistent play of quarterback Kirk Cousins. They’ve made their way back into the playoffs, and things are going well.  But honestly, what’s the first thing you think of when you think Vikings?  The Purple People Eaters perhaps? Well, here’s a Christmas carol that goes WAYYY deep into the vault and reflects their purple heritage.  May I present to you Purple Snowflakes by Marvin Gay.  Enjoy!



And last but not least, the Green Bay Packers. They looked like the Packers of old this season, and not too much in the division could have stopped them. They ran away with the division title, and have a spot in the playoffs. And now they “rest”, sort of.

For whatever reason, when trying to come up with a carol for the Packers, I thought of a couple, but the one that stands out for me is, “Mele Kalikimaka”.  Why?  Because it’s Hawaiian, and it’s celebratory but has a chill vibe, and that’s sort of how I see the Packers season.  Celebratory, but sort of chill.  Because while they realize that they’ve done well, they do know that they’ve got something bigger to do than make the playoffs. They need to win. And that’s whit’sts chill.  Besides, they’re in Green Bay.  It’s nice to think of Hawaii at Christmas!


How’d I do with those Christmas Carols?  Let me know your thoughts!!

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