The OTFB Podcast’s NFL preseason picks – how did we do?

Well, we are nearing the end of another action-packed NFL Regular Season.

Each year, on the OTFB Podcast, Lisa Johnson and Dayna O’Gorman, along with some special guests, make their pick for who will win each division. This year Kate Arhar (that’s me!) was their special guest and they also put up some Twitter polls to gauge who the fans believed would win.

We thought it would be fun to take a look back and see if they were right or wrong!

Here’s the list, by division, with the winner (or those in the hunt if it’s not locked up yet) along with our choices.  Overall, we didn’t do too bad!






AFC NORTH Winner:  Pittsburgh Steelers

Dayna: Steelers

Lisa: Steelers

Kate: Steelers  (“8-8 would be like winning the Super Bowl for my Browns, but…”)

Twitter Poll Results: Browns


AFC SOUTH Winner:  Houston Texans

Dayna: Jaguars (“Hooked to that train until they prove me wrong”)

Lisa: Jaguars

Kate: Texans

Twitter Poll Results: Jaguars


AFC EAST Winner:  New England Patriots

Dayna: Patriots

Lisa: Patriots

Kate: Patriots

Twitter Poll Results: Patriots (80% of the votes was the highest margin of victory in all the polls. But “Yawn” anyway.)


AFC WEST Winner:  Still battling:  Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers

Dayna: Chargers

Lisa:  Chiefs (“This division lies with the Kansas City Chiefs”)

Kate: Chargers (“I had the Raiders until they traded Khalil Mack”)

Twitter Poll Results:  Chargers







NFC NORTH Winner:  Chicago Bears

Dayna:  Vikings

Lisa:  Packers

Kate:  Packers

Twitter Poll Results:  Vikings  (not even close on this one. I should have listened to Wanda Wiedman!)


NFC SOUTH Winner:  New Orleans Saints

Dayna:  Saints

Lisa:  Saints  (“They are in it to win it!”)

Kate:  Saints  (“Could even end up being 12-4!”)

Twitter Poll Results:  Saints (Easy Peasy!)


NFC EAST Winner:  Too soon to predict this one.  With two games left, Cowboys 8-6, Eagles 7-7 and Washington 7-7…. CRAZY!

Dayna:   Giants (“playing spoiler”)

Lisa:  Cowboys

Kate:  Cowboys

Twitter Poll Results:  Eagles


NFC WEST Winner:  Los Angeles Rams

Dayna:  Rams

Lisa:  Rams

Kate:  Rams  (“But the Seahawks will give them a run for their money!”)

Twitter Poll Results:  Rams


Not too shabby, ladies!  We had a clean sweep of correct answers in four divisions!

Really, there’s only one division that didn’t behave as predicted: the NFC North… Who knew (besides @WandaW63) that the Bears were going to run away with it?

We hope your preseason picks were winners!  Can’t wait to do this again next year!

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