The Packers Season Could Be Over

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By Marcela Vargas //@ethne88

Ravens 23 – Packers 0

I hate to say this because just a few weeks ago I said that the Packers had a great chance to turn things around for the rest of the season.   Alas, they haven’t. And from the looks of it, they won’t.

So, what went wrong? It’s hard to tell, but besides quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone, things never quite picked up on the turf for the Green Bay Packers. Heck, they even lost tight end Martellus Bennett back to the New England Patriots. He started seven games and then the team played a very odd game of injury-waive-goodbye with him.

Can the season be saved? I don’t think so.  Not only because the team was just blanked by the Baltimore Ravens (23-0? Seriously?), but because the locker room seems broken. It doesn’t take a wild guess to realize that even though back up quarterback Brett Hundley has been working hard to step up, he doesn’t have the leadership skills needed to be the team’s quarterback.  Yes, he’s young. Yes, he’s got huge shoes to fill.   He needs to be able to rally the team to lead them into battle with their heads up and hearts pounding.

Is the defense to blame?  After a score of 23-0 we can’t put all the blame on the defense.  They haven’t been at their best this season.  Injuries aren’t helping at all, but the fact that the offense wasn’t able to score a single point speaks very badly of the offensive line.  I won’t blame the wide receivers or running backs. They are giving their best and running back Davante Adams needs a gold star for his efforts alone.

Head coach Mike McCarthy needs to start addressing the turmoil in the locker room.   The whole “being confident in his team” strategy is not playing well.

At 5-5, there’s still a slim chance that the Packers will pick up.   After what I’ve seen these past few games, I’m not too confident in my team.  I do not enjoy this feeling. I haven’t felt this way since Rodgers had a similar injury four years ago and missed the season. 

The remaining games of the season shouldn’t present as tough a challenge as the Ravens did. The Packers, I feel, should win games against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, and Carolina Panthers.  They also need to defeat the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions.  The Vikings will win NFC North this year, so that’s that for us.

If the season is already lost, let’s at least go out with dignity.

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