The price is right: salaries for NFL players

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter NFC North, NFC East

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

No… I’m not talking about my favorite show to watch on breaks from school when I was a kid.

I think I just have one thing to say at this time: You want to be paid what you’re worth, correct?  I thought so.

I feel like we need to have this conversation about how much NFL players make every off season.  And obviously, I’m not going to change too many people’s minds, but I just have to say this.  It’ll make me feel better.  So, please allow me to indulge selfishly for a few minutes here.

I used to be someone who would say that athletes made plenty of money and they shouldn’t complain about the amount of money that they make and why should they want more money?  They’ve got enough.  Don’t they realize that there are people who barely make minimum wage and are spending good money to watch them play? I mean, some players make more money in 1 game then some people make in a year which blows my mind.

But then, I changed that same mind. Which, by the way, you’re entitled to do sometimes. After a few personal experiences and seeing what teams sometimes can do to players, and even what the game itself can do to players, I get it. We’ve seen teams cut players at the drop of a dime sometimes. We’ve seen players call it quits after devastating injuries, and no one knows when that could happen. So a player’s best bet is to get as much as they can while they’re in playing shape.

And while I’m usually in favor of keeping your salary private, in players cases, it’s to their advantage to know their market value.  And while it’s seen to be a wonderful gesture, you shouldn’t have to take less money.  And no, teams can’t pay everyone, and it’s hard to get all the right players on a team.  But, as a player, it shouldn’t be looked at as selfish if you decide not to take less money.

In the end, we don’t know what that player has going on in their lives. I want the players on my team to give 100% and I want them to be compensated fairly for it.   I feel it’s up to the team to decide how to make that happen. However, if a player can make more money elsewhere, while I would miss them on my team, I for sure would understand.


After all, Rhianna said it best… “Pay me what you owe me!”

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