The “return” of Brett Favre?

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter

By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

Raise your hand if you remember the “I’m retired now I’m not” phase of former Packers, Jets and Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.  Did anyone else get the feeling that when he finally hung it up, that it wasn’t really going to be the last time?  I know I did. But he finally settled into starring in Wrangler commercials and those copper wire commercials, fishing and whatever else it is retired NFL players do.

Then yesterday afternoon, an Instagram post changed all of that. Since Favre deleted it the post, I’ll have to stick with this tweet.

Of course, the post was taken down and Favre stated he was a victim of a hacker. But let’s be real… we all had at least a slight feeling that he was serious.

Then, I started to think about how old some of the current players are, and how old they were when Favre hung it up.  Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes was 15 when Favre retired for the last time. The number one pick from this year’s draft Kyler Murray was 13.  Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown was a rookie. QB Sam Bradford was the offensive rookie of the year that year. Running back Arian Foster was the rushing leader in 2010.

But honestly, more than anything, my favorite part of all of this was the Twitter reaction. It was spot on!

And my absolute favorite:

Thanks for the Tuesday afternoon excitement, Brett Favre. Make sure you’re changing your password regularly, and keep an eye on your kids.  Because no matter how old they are, they still like to hack their parent’s phones!


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