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Fans all over the country have their own unique reasons for why they became fans of the Dallas Cowboys. Whether it be a memory from childhood or just good old-fashioned Texas pride, most fans take their dedication to the team very seriously.

And the men and women behind the star take their famed position in society just as serious, seeing the need to give back to the community that supports them whole-heartedly. And while the holiday season can be difficult for a majority, America’s team does what they can both during the holidays and year-round to make life for some of our country’s less fortunate a bit more joyous.

For twenty years, the Cowboys have teamed up with the Salvation Army and have acquired just over two billion dollars in donations for the organization dedicated to helping the needy with their Red Kettle Campaign across the States. Spanning from Thanksgiving Day to Christmas Eve, the Red Kettle Campaign works to provide the less fortunate with shelter, meals, and even toys to those who could otherwise not afford such luxuries.

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Partnering with the Cowboys, the Salvation Army gets the limelight every Thanksgiving day as they work to bring in the funds to make the holidays extra special for the people in their community, their world, and ultimately the country as we ring in the Christmas season. Many of the team members volunteer seasonally to serve Thanksgiving meals to the homeless and offer Christmas cheer in many avenues of need.

Just shortly after the Cowboys were fresh off of celebrating their victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and securing their spot in the playoffs in 2016, star rookie quarterback Dak Prescott expressed his joy over being able to visit children at the Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth among select members of the team’s itinerary all over the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

It must say a lot about a person who has had overnight, skyrocketing success in football when he is thrilled about much more in life beyond the gridiron. And this can also be said about the entire Cowboys organization. Their dedication to the greater good cannot go unrecognized.

In addition to numerous camps for youth conducted throughout the year for young people, the Cowboys and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders actively work to bring joy and support to the armed forces of the United States, dedicating a portion of their precious time to meet one-on-one with those who keep our borders safe every single day through the USO and other commendable endeavors.

Among the Cowboys’ military dedication is donations to the Salvation Army for veteran relief and support and contributing funds to the Navy-Marine Corp Relief Society, successfully earning them their title as America’s team.

Back on the home front, America’s team remains committed to the youth who will one day be a part of shaping the future of our nation and culture, supporting education initiatives in sports that will help shape children’s character and self-esteem. In a society where the younger generation is pressured to win no matter what, often succumbing to failure without guidance, the goal of the Cowboys’ NFL partnership initiative is to nurture atmospheres for students where they are cultivated by leaders to excel and given a path to follow into achievement through moral and mental stability.

Successful community outreach is one of the many avenues by which a football team connects with its fans. While it is certainly invigorating, no touchdown can equate with the feeling of helping those in need and bettering a life.

As one of America’s greatest sports, football has connected with the hearts of the masses, bringing them together to pull for the team they love. The Dallas Cowboys are among the many in the NFL who have chosen to give back to the people who support them week after week with high hopes of reaching the Vince Lombardi trophy for themselves.

The mark of a champion is faith. Faith and confidence that no matter what happens on the gridiron, they will continually have a platform to give back to the people. And the Cowboys are certainly working to do their part to ensure that they remain faithful supporters of those who have helped bring them to the top with their passion for the sport.   #howboutthemcowboys #NFLGoodGuys

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