The time for Trubisky to lead the Bears is now.

Wanda Wiedman,
NFL Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman //@WandaW63

By now everyone is aware of the quarterback competition that was held between former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles and 4th-year starter Mitchell Trubisky.

A once-promising franchise QB in Trubisky in the 2018 season, turned into a sloppy, mediocre performance the following year. Considering the lackluster performance, the Chicago Bears decided to bring in veteran Foles in hopes of igniting a fire under Trubisky and getting him back to the promising player he was envisioned to be.

Trubisky did not take the challenge lightly. It’s bad enough that his fifth-year option was denied, but to have a Super Bowl winning quarterback trade happen in the offseason and told you would have to compete for your job, well… that’s just pushing it.

Trubisky could have spewed words of disdain against the coaching staff or players to defend himself on social media as others have before him, but he did not. He took it like a professional and owned what he was lacking in when it came to his footwork, getting the ball out quicker, and commanding his team in the leadership role he was given.

Trubisky took the initiative to work on his deficiencies and spent the offseason training with a quarterback guru, working on the areas in question. His weaknesses put doubt in head Coach Matt Nagy and his teammates, and he knew that it was his job to win or lose…but he had to give it his full devotion.

Some Bears fans are rooting for Trubisky to fail so they can have a do-over, or have Foles step right in. As a matter of fact, the hate and doubt are so real that the entire CBS Sports team has the Bears finishing dead last in the NFC North. Predictions of a 3-13 record loom in the distance before a snap has been taken in the regular season all because Trubisky will be under center. There does not seem to be much confidence in Trubisky as the starter and his future with the Chicago Bears.

But this isn’t a new position for Trubisky.

Going back to the very first game that Trubisky played in preseason of 2017 against the Denver Broncos, the young quarterback played with confidence. He was ready to show the world and the city of Chicago that he was not a mistake. As a matter of fact, he would have won that game had the defense not blown coverage allowing Denver to score.

If Trubisky embraces everything he learned this offseason and applies all the direction from QB coach John DeFilippo and Foles, all the white noise will turn into navy and orange in Chicago. He has the potential and the heart to be a champion if he plays with conviction. This is no longer about celebrating the 100 years of the Chicago Bears. It is about bringing back the storied history of a franchise built on grit and determination to be the best.

Trubisky is not former QB Jim McMahon and we can leave that mantle back in 1985. He is not QBs Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson as they have made their own paths. It is obvious that his character is not in question here, but can he be the franchise quarterback for the Chicago Bears? Because that alone should motivate him to be the best, not just for himself but for the band of brothers who left it on the field before him and who will continue to do so after.

It is time to see what Trubisky is made of when his back is against the wall. Can he lead this team to a winning season, regain control of the North and execute the plays that were designed to win every snap? He has everything he needs to be that guy, the one who leads, motivates, and carries the torch for his team.

The 2020 season begins with Week 1 against the Detroit Lions. Mitchell Trubisky has the privilege of playing for an incredible team, and it is his team to command. The time for Trubisky to lead the Bears is now!


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