Three random football thoughts: Minority hiring, Dak, and football during a pandemic.

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter NFC North, NFC East

By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

Its the offseason, we’re all in various stages of quarantine, and everything is Zoomed.

It’s sort of hard to come up with some good things to write, outside of fantasy projections, roster projections, etc. And so this time, I figured why just write about one specific topic when I have some thoughts on a few topics. Sort of a hodge-podge, if you will.

I would do all three in separate articles, but I feel that sometimes short and sweet is better.  If you want me to get more in-depth, I’d be more than happy to, just reach out on Twitter!

(P.S. These are my thoughts, not necessarily the ones of my ladies here at OurTurf Football)

First Topic: Minorities in coaching: Give minorities a chance, organically and fairly. There’s no reason why you have to tie a drat pick to a hire. That’s the absolute worst idea.

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn spoke about this last week and personally I agree. While the intention is to gain more minorities in leadership, there has to be another way of going about it. The biggest part is really committing to changing and becoming a little more progressive. I can see how some would feel is hard, but it can be done.  Obviously, from my spot here on my couch, it’s easy to say, but hopefully, the NFL will start to increase diversity and really mean it when they do it. Not just lip service, not for draft picks. (see: That panel of women that the NFL hired after the Ray Rice incident.)

Second Topic:  Dallas Cowboy quarterback Dak Prescott. I honestly feel a bit bad for him.

In recent years, I’ve been a fan of players getting as much money as they can. Because if we were all in their situation, you better believe we would too. I’m also not a huge fan of digging into people’s salaries. But in this case, where we know other quarterbacks’ salaries and their resume, he deserves the money.

Will the deal get done?  People are optimistic, but it is taking a while to come together. Then again, it took a while for them to officially fire Jason Garrett as well. Should he be the highest-paid quarterback in the League? While I’m no expert on the NFL economy, the way things are going, he won’t be highest paid for long, and the market value I’m sure will continue to go up.

Last but not least: Will there be football?? Dayna O’Gorman talked about this with a group of fans in her last article, but there’s something that’s bugging me. As much as I want a football season, I’m not sure how it’s going to look, and how they’re going to be able to keep players safe.

While things are slowly starting to re-open, which is good, I just keep in the back of my mind that it only takes 1 person to not tell their symptoms or to be asymptomatic and pass the virus around. Then eventually we could be back where we started. Am I being alarmist or full of fear? I’m definitely not trying to be. I’m trying to be realistic.

I’m a nurse practitioner, and I don’t want anyone’s health to be put in jeopardy. Not the players, not coaches, not fans, not stadium employees. No one. The one “silver lining” though would be that you could possibly see a mix of players that you’ve never seen before.  3rd team center protecting your 4th back-up QB. That might be fun!

So, what do you guys think?

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