Titans suffer shutout loss to Baltimore Ravens 21-0

Karen Christensen, Tennessee Titans Reporter

By Karen Christensen //@ksc47

Ravens 21 – Titans 0

Let’s just put it out there and get it over with. The Titans punted on every single drive, and quarterback Marcus Mariota was sacked eleven times.  

There was nothing to cheer about if you are a Titans fan. This game was the first time that the Titans were shut out at home since the team has been in Nashville. The Tennessee offensive line did not have an answer for the Ravens rushing attack, and Mariota was scrambling without success each and every quarter.

The team did not seem to have a good game plan this week, or last week against the Buffalo Bills for that matter.  Titans’ defensive coordinator Dean Pees did not figure out how to shut down the Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco. Pees didn’t seem to have any inside track for how to beat his old team.

The Titans’ offense was even worse. The receivers didn’t have the ability to get open for Mariota, and the offensive line was getting run over. The running backs just couldn’t run. At all. They kept getting stuffed and losing yards.

Titans QB Marcus Mariota took the blame as he usually does. He needs to stop taking all the blame though. It’s the Tennessee Titans, not the Tennessee Mariotas. The entire team and the coaching staff needs to step up and play better and plan better.

The weather in Nashville was rainy, Mariota is still wearing a glove on his right hand from an injury that affects his fingers. He was having trouble gripping the wet ball. Why did head coach Mike Vrabel not put in backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert? Especially after Mariota had been hit over six times in the first half of the game?  Why didn’t defensive coordinator have an answer for all of the blitzes his former team was using to attack Mariota?

Most of the Titans players were stating after the game that this was a game to forget. I disagree.  This was a game that needs to be remembered and not repeated. Shamefulness on every part of this organization!

Next week that Titans are traveling to London, England to face the 4-2 Los Angeles Chargers. Tennessee is now 3-3 along with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans in the AFC South. The Titans coaches really need to do some soul searching to help this team out, they are letting the players down. No fan wants their team to ever lose, and they especially don’t want their team to lose a big game overseas.


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