Touchdown!! NFL TD Celebrations Are Back

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By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

While a lot of the NFL season has been draped in controversy, there is something that we’re missing.

The celebrations!  The NFL has graciously allowed celebrations back in the game.  As long as they’re not too outlandish.   (Right OBJ??) They have been a pretty welcome sight for fans and players alike!

Shoutout to The Checkdown where most of these came from!



They’ve been fun, creative and honestly something that was sort of missing from the game.  Nothing wrong with doing a lil dance, or something silly to celebrate.  These guys work hard and for crying out loud, IT’S A GAME!!!!  They should be having fun!    I have really enjoyed them.   Here are some of my favorites so far this season:

Took me a second to figure out this game of Hide and Seek from yesterday’s Pittsburgh Steelers game, but I liked it!

Ok, now this one is just plain sweet! Better than the slam dunk on the goal post!


Got a two-for-one here with the Lions. Both very original, and the Double Dutch one was perfect.

Rock Paper Scissors from the Cowboys. Dallas Tight End Jason Witten was reminding him that rock does beat scissors.


Thanks to my husband’s love for Dragon Ball Z, I was able to figure out this Kamayamaya wave.

Here’s Kansas City’s Tight End Travis Kelce with the standard dance celebration. (Those moves tho)


And last, but certainly far from least….my absolute favorite celebration so far this season goes to the Philadelphia Eagles with their Home Run.


Keep the creative celebrations coming guys! The fans are loving them!

I know I didn’t get all of the great ones in here, so let me know which ones are yours??

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