Turmoil for the New York Jets

Lisa Johnson
Senior Sports Reporter

By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303

As I was strolling through NFL news last week, one thing that really caught my attention, was news of the Jets firing general manager Mike Maccagnan. They then turned around and named head coach Adam Gase as interim General Manager. All this coming off a March owner meetings where team CEO Christopher Johnson, praised Maccagnan and his working relationship with Gase.

ESPN staff writer Rich Cimini reported internal discord within the Jets organization. ESPN first reported that during the draft, friction had developed between Maccagnan and Gase because of disagreements over personnel during free agency.

During a phone conference with media, Johnson said “No, this had nothing to do with Adam. Look, I want a good give-and-take between the coach and GM. This was not one person or another winning a power struggle. This was completely my decision. It was a decision that evolved and it took a while. Maybe I was slow at that decision, but I finally came to it in the last few days.”

Cimini goes on to report that the friction started with the signing of free agent running back Le’Veon Bell and the amount of money it cost to sign him, with Coach Gase believing that they overpaid for the running back.

More problems bubbled up for New York when Bell was a no show for voluntary workouts with his new team. Fans flooded social media with displeasure, while the Jets and Head Coach Adam Gase defended Bell’s decision. “Really for him, he has a pretty good training regimen he goes through,” Gase said. ” He knows how to get his body ready for training camp and the regular season. He’s been doing this for a minute.”

Regardless, Jets fan can’t be happy with the way the Adam Gase era has started out. Justification can come from winning, but for a head coach that hasn’t even coached his first game, he seems to be falling behind already.

As we go to press another rumor has surfaced. A rumor about Peyton Manning.

Per Pro Football Talks Mike Florio –

“Rumors are flying within league circles that the Jets may make a run at the future Hall of Fame quarterback who has periodically been linked to NFL management possibilities. And Gase, who worked with Manning in Denver, possibly would be one of the few guys who could draw Manning back into football.”

However, according to Johnson, he is heading the new GM search while Coach Gase will assist. Just seems to be another smoke screen thrown up from the Jets as to who is really taking control.

Should be an interesting season for Jets fans.

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