Unofficial Team Hashtags: NFC North edition

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter NFC North, NFC East

By Sonja Greenfield //@Mom23RN

Since my world has not let me chat with the ladies on the OTFB Podcast recently, I figured I’d write some stuff to make up for it.  And here we go!

Training camp has started and the dawn of a new season is upon us.  Do you know how each team has a team hashtag that the NFL randomly assigns each year?  Well, in this article, and my next one, I’m going to assign team hashtags for the teams in the NFC North and the NFC East.  It isn’t going to be what the NFL may give the team (but if it is, I’m just going to assume that great minds think alike).  But just a hashtag of a word or phrase that I think will embody the team this season.

Since we’re starting with the north, let’s go alphabetically and start with the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears  #WhatWillNagyDo

The Bears started the 2021 season on the right foot by drafting quarterback Justin Fields. They’ve got plenty of talent on the field and a pretty decent defense, at least on paper. But, history has proven that Coach Nagy will make some questionable decisions at some point. While you hope that isn’t going to be the case this season, you can’t help but wonder in the back of your mind, #WhatWillNagyDo.

Detroit Lions #KneeCaps

New head coach Dan Campbell made quite the impression with his introductory press conference. One of the biggest takeaways was that when the team gets knocked down that they were going to bite off a kneecap on the way up.  And, if they got knocked down again, that they would bite the other knee cap.

Well, outside of knee caps, the Lions have a new-to-them quarterback in Jared Goff, and also a rookie offensive lineman Penei Sewell, who has the potential to be something special on their revamped offensive line.  But probably the thing that will stick in the minds of fans?  #KneeCaps.

Green Bay Packers #BandsBackTogether

It’s been a very long off-season for Green Bay Packers fans. An emotional rollercoaster, without question. However, the start of training camp has brought back QB Aaron Rodgers, wide receiver Davante Adams, and reunites WR Randall Cobb with his former team. And just like that, the band’s back together. They already had a dominant 2020, but now, it’s looking like 2021 could be even better.

Minnesota Vikings #NowOrNever

There was a post on the OTFB account last week that talked about predictions for their team’s record this season. Most Vikings fans disagreed, but they also said that if this team only gets 10 wins, head coach Mike Zimmer needs to go. This is a now or never type of situation going forward.  And at first, I disagreed with them. I mean, Kirk Cousins is their quarterback, and they have talent. Very good talent. But now it’s time to take that next step. And while Rodgers returning to Green Bay makes it a harder task, it really is #NowOrNever for this team.


What do you all think of the hashtags?  Agree or disagree?  Let me know!

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