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Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
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By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan //@Lucyrk78

**Fair warning**  From what I’m seeing on Twitter and the responses to a few of my Facebook posts on a few of my thoughts on players that I find would make great additions to the Packers’ roster, there may be unpopular opinions here!

But isn’t that what the internet loves? I know I do; I love debating why I like one player over another and am ALWAYS open to changing my mind. I don’t know everything about every player. So! Feel free to tweet me or comment on anything here and let’s start a dialogue!

I always cry throughout all the days of the NFL Draft. There’s just something about watching people’s lives change in a second right in front of your eyes that gets me. Perhaps cut days are more life-changing; they can be career-ending, but I don’t cry then. Perhaps it’s because it’s not live and takes way longer than the draft. I like the big surprises and bold moves of cut days, though.

In my (seemingly unpopular) opinion, the best move Green Bay Packers GM, Brian Gutekunst, made this weekend was letting go of quarterback DeShone Kizer. I thought he was a good backup option when first brought onto the team, but he never really developed. It appears that Kizer just is who he is, who we’ve always seen, and isn’t rising to the next step a team with the history Green Bay has needs. That doesn’t mean I think QB Tim Boyle would be able to cover for QB Aaron Rodgers if need be – I have just always wanted Boyle behind Rodgers, over Kizer.

Unpopular opinion 2: I really want Gutekunst to pick up free agent QB Brian Hoyer. I have high confidence in Hoyer’s ability to cover the QB position if the absolute worst happens and Rodgers can’t play. I’ve liked Hoyer since watching him with the Cleveland Browns, and honestly, only a veteran should back up Aaron Rodgers.

Of course, as fast as the news that New England had cut Hoyer, the calls were coming in from many teams inquiring about him. If the Packers don’t land him, recently released San Diego Chargers quarterback Cardale Jones could be an option. While this would require having three QBs, which I’m sure Green Bay won’t go with, he could be great backing up Boyle. I think Jones is a strong player and very competent in the QB position and has the ability to be better than Boyle in the future.

One more unpopular opinion coming. Another free agent I’d like Green Bay to pick up is linebacker Brandon Marshall. It’s no secret that Green Bay has had an issue with the inside linebacker position for quite some time. And now? It’s gotten worse. Currently, on the Pack’s defense, two players are hurt. A Super Bowl winner and only 29 years old, Marshall has the speed we need and can anticipate upcoming plays well. He would be able to step right into the hole left by the injured LB Oren Burks.

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