Wanda’s True or False: Get to know her

Wanda Wiedman Chicago Bears Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

Wanda shared 10 statements about herself for Our Turf Football’s social media.

You had to guess if they were True or False.

In case you missed it, here they are complete with answers.


1. I have a fascination for war history.

“True! I watch the military channel whenever I can, toured bases and watch air shows when I can. I just love military history!!”

2. I was in a gang in high school.

“False: I was not in a gang, however, I had to survive a beating to get out of being forced into one.” (long story)

3. I once almost drowned in the ocean and was saved by the skag of a surfboard.


4. I can sing like Pat Benatar.

“One of my favs to sing. ❤ Yes, I can! “Love is a Battlefield is the crowd favorite. ?”

5. I once studied to be an architect.

“True and wishes I had stuck with it. (True regret).“


6. I’m fluent in Spanish, Italian and French

“It is false! The only language I am fluent in is football.“

7. I have a tattoo of the Bears logo on my ankle.

“The answer is no. I have one tattoo and it’s my wedding ring. I have yet to get one but will one day.”

8. I once acted in a play as a dying wife.

“Yes, I did! My one and only acting debut. It’s just too much work and time involved. My hubs played himself. ?”

9. In high school, I traveled with an ultimate frisbee team performing tricks.

“Yes, it is true! Tricks included backflips & catch, catching 2 at a time. High and low (catching one high and one low under the leg). We went to several grammar schools and performed in front of the school crowd. Had I known that it is now a sport, I would have stuck with it!”

10. I was hit by a fastball and lost my sight for a few days.

“So the answer is……true! I got a concussion and my eyes were blurry for a few days. Knocked me on my butt.”


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